Swaraj Tractor airs TV Ad with Brand Ambassador MS Dhoni & the 'Naya Swaraj’

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Swaraj Tractor airs TV Ad with Brand Ambassador MS Dhoni & the 'Naya Swaraj’

•    From Pitch to Plow: MS Dhoni's Farming Love shines in Swaraj Tractors New TVC
•    The new TVC coincides with the launch a new range of Swaraj Tractors

New Delhi, September 04, 2023: Swaraj Tractors, a rapidly growing tractor brand in the country and a part of the Mahindra Group, today released its new TV commercial (TVC), featuring cricketing legend and Swaraj’s Brand Ambassador, MS Dhoni. 

Coinciding with the launch of a new range of Swaraj tractors, the brand-new TVC brilliantly captures Dhoni's deep-rooted passion for farming, while proudly expressing his unwavering trust in the brand's dependability and long-lasting performance. This TVC highlights how Swaraj has always delivered on customers' expectations, staying true to its DNA of power (Josh), and ensuring customer loyalty.

The 'Naya Swaraj’ campaign coincides with the introduction of a new range of Swaraj tractors, which marks a transformative leap in the brand's approach towards holistic solutions, while also targeting forward-thinking farmers who embrace modern agricultural practices and technology. Through this campaign, Swaraj Tractors aims to enhance customer experiences through its products and services, ushering in a new era for the brand.

The new Swaraj tractors carefully infuse modern aesthetics, integrate contemporary design elements, while safeguarding the brand's authentic timeless design. 

Speaking about the association, MS Dhoni said, “Farming, much like cricket, has become an integral part of my life. It requires dedication, hard work, and reliable companions. Swaraj Tractors have been my trusted companions on the field, helping me pursue my passion for farming. This TVC reflects my personal journey and my belief in the brand. The 'Naya Swaraj' truly embodies the spirit of modern farming while staying true to Swaraj Tractors’ DNA of Power and Reliability.”

Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director & CEO Auto and Farm Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, "Having MS Dhoni on board, first as a customer and then as the brand ambassador for Swaraj, is an honor for us. His presence is a perfect fit with Swaraj’s core DNA of dependability, and his aspirational appeal aligns seamlessly with our new range of modern feature packed tractors. His genuine belief in our products add authenticity, making this collaboration a true reflection of our journey ahead."

Just as Dhoni has been a dependable figure in Indian cricket, Swaraj Tractors have been the backbone of farms across the nation. The groundbreaking collaboration between Dhoni transcends conventional celebrity endorsements, forging a deep connection between the customer, the brand, and the brand ambassador. Dhoni's personality perfectly aligns with the core values of both Swaraj and its customer base of being simple, authentic, and dependable. 

The new TVC has been created by FCB Interface and will be available in various regional languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Punjabi on leading television channels and digital platforms from September 4, 2023. 

Click here to watch the TVC now: https://youtu.be/fL1fUOYS50E

About Swaraj 

Swaraj Tractors, a division of the Mahindra Group, is India’s second largest and rapidly growing tractor brand. Established in 1974 and based in Punjab, the grain bowl of India, Swaraj is a brand created ‘by the farmer, for farmer’, as many of its employees are also farmers themselves. They bring real-world performance to create an authentic, powerful product with assured performance and enduring quality, all designed with one purpose – enabling the Indian farmer to Rise. `Swaraj Tractors manufactures a range of tractors from 15HP to 65HP, providing comprehensive farming solutions and pioneering horticulture mechanization.

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