Sonalika Launched Maharaja DI 745 III India's First 5G Tractor

Published - 02 Sep 2021

Sonalika Launched Maharaja DI 745 III India's First 5G Tractor

India's famous tractor manufacturer Sonalika has launched India's first Maharaja DI 745 III 5G tractor. Maharaja Tractor is fully customized as per the regional requirements of the farmers of Rajasthan to make them feel like being a Maharaja in a true sense.

Let us tell you that Sonalika is a famous tractor company of India whose brand is very popular among the farmers. Sonalika Tractors' field centric tractor manufacturing approach has led the company to tremendous success in India. The company's local tractors like the Chhatrapati tractor made for the farmers of Maharashtra and Mahabali tractor for the farmers of Telangana are taking the farmers here towards prosperity. In this sequence, the name of Sonalika's latest tractor, Maharaja DI 745 III 5G tractor has been added to the company's range of tractors. Designed specifically for the farmers of Rajasthan, the latest Sonalika tractor Maharaja DI 745 III 5G tractor is Sonalika's latest technology-driven tractor. This tractor is well equipped to meet the needs of the farmers of Rajasthan, and its advanced technology, superior performance and popularity of the company amongst the farmers make it more special.

It is necessary to make the life of the farmer easy: Raman Mittal.

On the launch of the Maharaja Tractor for Rajasthan, Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, said that Sonalika Group must make the lives of farmers easier by manufacturing cutting edge technologies at an affordable price. We are introducing the latest technology in all our existing tractors, including Tiger, Sikandar DLX and Sikandar. As per the farmer's needs, each innovation done by Sonalika is customized for their regional needs. After the tremendous success of our regional tractors like Chhatrapati and Mahabali, we now present Sonalika Maharaja DI 745 III Tractor, which is specially designed for the farmers of Rajasthan. Our latest Maharaja Tractor is customized as per the specific requirements of soil and crop in Rajasthan. We will continue to work on our DNA to provide focused solutions to enhance farmers' productivity that will accelerate our journey towards Leading Agri Evolution across the globe.

Features/Benefits of Maharaja DI 745 III 5G Tractor

The Maharaja DI 745 III 5G tractor, launched by Sonalika, India's well-known tractor manufacturer, has all the features that make it easier for the farmers to do all the farming-related tasks. Its main features are as follows - 

  • Sonalika latest Maharaja DI 745 III 5G tractor is an advanced technology powered tractor manufactured in India first with 5G lift technology.
  • The Maharaja DI 745 III 5G tractor is designed according to the regional requirements of Rajasthan farmers and is equipped with 10 advanced features.
  • Sonalika's latest Maharaja DI 745 III 5G tractor is equipped with more than 140 lift settings to ensure precise control during cultivation in soft soil conditions of Rajasthan.
  • The Maharaja tractor offers a lift capacity of 2 thousand kg, making the tractor a real Maharaja of hydraulics.
  • Maharaja Tractor is powered by a 3065 cc Heavy Duty Mileage Engine which ensures maximum torque in the 50HP category for optimum performance even in the toughest conditions. This quality is what makes it the king of mileage and power.
  • With the finger touch control of Sonalika's Maharaja Tractor, farmers can use many agricultural implements easily.
  • Sonalika's Maharaja Tractor has attractive materials and paint and a comfortable Royal Red seat which the state's farmers prefer.
  • Sonalika Maharaja Tractor is equipped with LED DIL Headlight and LED Taillight for farmers, maintaining Maharaja's dominance.
  • Maharaja Tractor Ko Pro Plus bumper and ergonomically designed steering allow the farmer to operate the tractor for a long time without fatigue during work.
  • In addition, Sonalika's Maharaja Tractor has a high cooling ring fan and 45KV radiator to keep the engine cool which increases the engine's life and helps in better operation of the tractor.

Maharaja DI 745 III 5G Tractor Price

All Sonalika tractor models are available at TractorJunction. Maharaja DI 745 III 5G Tractor Price is Rs. 6.60 - 7.10 Lakh*. You can contact us for more information.


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