New Holland Launches WORKMASTER 105: India's First 100+ HP TREM-IV Tractor

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New Holland Launches WORKMASTER 105: India's First 100+ HP TREM-IV Tractor

Greater Noida, June 10, 2024 — New Holland, a brand of CNH, has unveiled the WORKMASTER 105, India's first-ever 100+ HP TREM-IV tractor. For the business and the Indian tractor market, this launch represents a critical turning point.

The WORKMASTER 105, equipped with a TREM-IV-compliant engine, brings advanced technology, superior quality, and high performance to Indian farmers. New Holland, known for its higher horsepower tractors globally, has already sold over 15,000 units of the WORKMASTER series in competitive markets like North America.

"The WORKMASTER 105 sets a new benchmark for high-horsepower tractors in India," said Narinder Mittal, Country Manager and Managing Director of CNH India and SAARC. “This tractor has proven its worth in demanding markets like the USA, and we are excited to introduce this advanced technology to discerning Indian customers."

Key features of the WORKMASTER 105 include a powerful 106 HP FPT engine, a lifting capacity of 3,500 kg, electrohydraulic 4WD compatibility, and air-suspended seats with adjustable backrests. Also, the WORKMASTER 105 has a Wet Multi-Disc Main and PTO Clutch for performance and durability under severe conditions. Its Heavy-Duty Front Axle with balancer-type steering provides stability and performance.

This 100+ HP TREM-IV Tractor delivers outstanding power and performance. With a maximum power of 106HP at 1800 to 2300 ERPM and a maximum torque of 458 NM, it maintains consistency in output. This stability allows for operational flexibility, fewer gear changes, less RPM drop, and shorter recovery periods to provide effective agricultural operations.

This is India's First 100+ HP TREM-IV Tractor, priced at Rs. 29.5 Lakhs (Ex-showroom, All India). It offers great value for farmers with big land and advanced equipment needs. Starting today, it's exclusively available at New Holland dealerships across India.

Farmers with extensive landholdings and advanced equipment needs might choose the WORKMASTER 105. With its unparalleled performance, operator comfort, and safety features, it is set to transform farming methods in India. 

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