John Deere Reshaping Farm Mechanisation With Power & Technology 4.0 - Know What’s New!

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John Deere Reshaping Farm Mechanisation With Power & Technology 4.0 - Know What’s New!

“We work hard so that your business becomes profitable. We run so life can leap forward.” - John Deere.

John Deere has been providing Tractors & Farm Machineries worldwide for 180 years. John Deere offers solutions for different crops, including Paddy, Wheat, Grapes, Orchard, Cotton etc. Their products and technologies are evolving according to the requirements of the users. 

So, to continue this trend, they came up with Power & Technology 4.0. As a result, the farmers can enjoy new products, technologies and advanced agriculture solutions. 

John Deere 5D Gear Pro Series Tractors

After the grand success of John Deere 5E Gear Pro Tractors, John Deere is launching 5D Gear Pro Series Tractors in the market. Under this, you will get 5045D, 5205, 5050D and 5305 tractors

5D Gear Pro Tractors are equipped with 12 forward and 4 reverse gears technology, enabling more speed options. Additionally, you can choose the right gears & speed according to the word requirements. 

You will get bigger front tyres from which you will get comparatively more ground clearance. And, the tractors don’t get stuck in wet soils while puddling. Moreover, the company provides 4WD technology in 5045D and 5050D tractors. So, tractors do the toughest tasks easily and protect from slippage. 

So now, you will get Gear Pro series tractors in 5D as well, along with 5E. 

John Deere W70 Combine Harvester

Due to a lack of skilled labour in India, harvesting crops suffer, and farmers face huge losses. So, to solve this problem, John Deere comes with a W70 Combine Harvester

John Deere W70 light weight, compact, multi-crop, synchro-smart, self-propelled harvesting machine. This combine harvester is perfect for crops like wheat, paddy, maize, mustard, soybean, linseeds and pulses. Additionally, from this harvester, you can work easily, even on wet soils, due to its compact and lightweight design

  • It has fabulous features like a 100 HP 4-cylinder turbocharged advanced and powerful engine. 
  • The harvester comes with a 14 Feet adjustable cutter bar and electronically 6-bat reel for the operator to easily adjust reel speed from his seat.
  • It has an 8-wing active beater that enhances its threshing & separation efficiency for that, and you will get good-quality grains. 
  • John Deere W70 Harvester comes with a Syncro-smart transmission from which you can easily shift gears. 
  • The harvester straw management system makes it best to chop straw into smaller pieces and mix it into the soil. 

John Deere Rotary Rake & Square Baler 

To solve the issue of residue management in paddy farming, GreenSystem came up with Rotary Rake & Square Baler. 

Rotary Rake helps collect remaining straws from the fields, and Baler helps make bales that can easily transport. These bales can be used in animal feed, paper and packaging, mulching, and mushroom production. In addition, these bales are also used as fuel in several industries. Hence, by selling bales, farmers can generate additional income. 

John Deere 5310 Tractor & Super Seeder 

For wheat farming, John Deere has 5310 tractors and Super Seeder Implement. With this fabulous combination, farmers can reduce the cost and time of planting the crop. 

John Deere 5310 Trem IV Gear Pro Series Tractor is equipped with High Backup Torque and has High PTO Power and 2500 kg Lifting Capacity which is perfect for heavy-duty implements. 

The John Deere Super Seeder Machine is used to do rotary tiller, fertiliser drill and seed drill in one go. This machine can finely chop and mix all the leftover straws in the soil after harvesting. Additionally, make the sowing task more effective. This John Deere Super Seeder makes three jobs more productive. 

“Environment Protection, Soil Health and Better Crop - That Means Everything Together!” - John Deere  

Ultimate Solution to Cotton Farming

John Deere is ruling Cotton Farming in India. Owning 22% of cotton production in India, John Deere aims to bring advanced technology tractors to increase cotton production and earning potential.

Here are a few new advancements brought by leading Tractor OEM John Deere:

Front Hitch PTO

This massive addition will allow the use of two implements simultaneously. This addition makes it easier to complete farming tasks in 4-5 stages rather than 8-9. Farmers can now save on their fuel costs and time.

Solution for Orchard Farming

John Deere 3036 EN Orchard Tractor with a wide radial tubeless tyre is a newly advanced tractor to withstand muddy fields in rainy conditions. 

  • This tractor with less width can enter the orchard rows much more easily. And it reduces soil compaction by 18%, offering a much better grip. 
  • Its high ground clearance ensures it doesn’t get stuck in the muddy fields.
  • It is built with ORC (Over Running Clutch), providing better stability and control of the vehicle while ensuring the driver’s comfort.
  • It is built with a Multi Application Tillage Unit (MAT). This allows adding one implement with 4 attachments, including a side disc harrow, a V notch ridger, a Side wing plough, and a side blade

John Deere Metaverse - Virtual Tour of Factory

Farmers or buyers can now virtually visit the factory, showroom and customer experience centre through their VR technology. 

1. JDI Factory Tour 

At a click, you can view the John Deere Pune factory and see how this brand’s technologically advanced and powerful tractors are made. The factory has a multi-model assembly line, paint shop and advanced engineering robotics, CMM machines, testing equipment, precision tooling, and many other technologies are leveraged here.

2. Product showrooms

You can view all tractor models from these famous brands with complete information and a complete view in 360 degrees.

3. Customer Experience Centre

This section will help with agricultural information, John Deere tractors loan facilities, spare parts and service centres-related information.

AR Technology

Customers need not visit centres personally as they can now have a 360-degree walkaround of John Deere tractors while sitting at home. With augmented reality farmers can now view tractor models of choice in real-time.

John Deere 5045 - 25 Years of Anniversary Edition

John Deere is launching silver jubilee limited edition tractors like John Deere 5045. These tractors will have superior steering, comfortable seating and various other useful features that will reshape the farming landscape big times.

We anticipate John Deere technology 4.0 will bring a new wave of productivity, profitability and efficiency among Indian farmers.

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