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Types of Farmtrac Tractor in India – Infographic

Types of Farmtrac Tractor in India- Infographic

Various Farmtrac Tractor Models

Farmtrac tractor comes with the best range to perform various tasks. Here, we are showing an infographic of various Farmtrac tractor models. By this infographic, you can get the information about the various range of Farmtrac tractors. 

Farmtrac manufactured various tractor models according to the farmer’s needs and demand. These tractors offer advanced technology to make different farmlands productive. Farmtrac tractor models have a powerful engine, strong body, high fuel efficiency, economic mileage, etc. Tractor models of Farmtrac provide much output and effective performance in the Indian field. These models are finest in various land and conditions. 

Types of Farmtrac Tractor

In this infographic, we share different types of Farmtrac tractor as mini tractors, utility tractors, 4wd tractors and heavy-duty tractors. 

1. Farmtrac Mini Tractors

Farmtrac mini tractors are versatile for performing orchard farming operations. These tractor models come with innovative features that make the gardening farming field productive. These tractors are used for various purposes. Farmers need tractors that consume less fuel. Farmtrac mini tractors fit perfectly in this bill and are famous all over India. 

Farmtrac Mini Tractor Models with Price

2. Farmtrac Utility Tractors 

Farmtrac utility tractors offer advanced properties at an affordable price. These models are durable and adaptable, which is why it gained fame quickly. These tractors are the best companion of the implements and easily install the equipment to make rugged farming surfaces smooth. Farmtrac utility tractors have the best functional features to improve the farming output. 

Farmtrac Utility Tractor Models with Price

3. Farmtrac Heavy Duty Tractors 

Farmtrac heavy-duty tractors come with a powerful engine that gives the tractor strength to stay long in the farming field. These models are manufactured according to modern technology, advanced engineering, and high traction. Heavy Duty tractor range has the maximum comfort and securable ride. This tractor price is very affordable, which is benefit to the large scale farmers. 

Farmtrac Heavy Duty Tractor Models with Price

4. Farmtrac 4wd Tractors

Farmtrac 4wd tractors used for wetland puddling operations, it prevents the need for cage wheels which damage the roads. These tractor models improve traction in dangerous driving conditions.

Farmtrac 4wd Tractors Models with Price

Highlighted points of Infographic 

  • In this infographic, we are shown various tractor models of Farmtrac tractor – Farmtrac mini tractors, Farmtrac utility tractors, Farmtrac 4wd tractors, Farmtrac heavy-duty tractors, etc. 
  • Along with this, All about Farmtrac tractor models with their HP range.  

Types of Farmtrac Tractor in India- Infographic

Here is information about the Farmtrac tractor model. We hope this infographic will be helpful for you. For more information like this, stay connected with TractorJunction.

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