PISTA PISTA Kit GPS Tracker For Vehicles With 12 Months Plan ఉపకరణాలు

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ధర: ₹5999




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Track and Trace Your vehicle with PISTA Kit.

  • Live Vehicle Tracking 
  • Engine On/Off
  • Value Screen
  • 60 Days history Reports



This GPS Tracker will help you in monitoring your vehicle real time location. We always worked for the betterment of the Owners to take this legacy ahead now we come with this advanced solution for vehicle GPS Tracking app called PISTA.

  • Real Time Location - PISTA will track your tractor or any other vehicle real time location. So that you are fully aware of your vehicle.

  • Route Navigation - It offers a superb feature of route navigation so that in any case you forget your way then this PISTA application can assist you.

  • Fuel Notification - You can also get a notification when your vehicle needs fuel.

  • Guard Against Theft - When anyone is trying to steal your vehicle, then this PISTA app sends you a notification in your mobile alters you.

  • Weather Report - GPS tracker PISTA also tracks Weather reports so that you get aware and ready for all situations.

  • Track your Working Daily Work - PISTA tracks your daily work report so that you can perform well on the farm.

  • Easy to Use - PISTA - GPS Tracker is so simple to use you can easily install it in your tractor and any other vehicle.

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Track Your Tractor Live Location 

Anti-Theft Feature 

Best in Class Device with 21 Months Warranty

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