नेपच्यून एनएफ-708 पावर स्प्रेयर्स/स्प्रेयर

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Power Sprayers are conventional and most popular equipment used worldwide. Knapsack Sprayers are conventional and most popular equipment used worldwide. They are ideal to spray insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides etc. in field areas to protect the crop from pest attack. These Sprayers have multiple applications and are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, plantations, forestry, gardens etc


  • Capable of very high pressure 
  • For multiple spray use, two types of spray gun supplied 
  • Supplied with forced air cooled 2 Stroke petrol Engine
  • Equipped with brass metal pump 
  • Diaphragm type carburettor 
  • Engine fitted with Easy recoil starter 
  • Less fuel consumption 
  • Economic for spraying costly pesticides 
  • Cleaning output for easy & quick cleaning 

तकनीकी विनिर्देश

Brand Neptune
Weight 10.15 kg
Capacity 20Ltr
Output 6-8 (Ltr/min)
Model Number NF-708
Engine 2 Stroke
Dimensions 39x35x64.5 mm


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