बलवान शक्ति बैटरी स्प्रेयर, मॉडल : बीएस-1208 स्प्रेयर्स/स्प्रेयर

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कीमत: ₹2600




उपलब्धताउपलब्ध हैं

  • No manual efforts required to create the pressure.
  • Continuous & Mist spray.
  • These sprayer have multiple applications, and are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, plantations , forestry, gardens.



  • User-friendly operation.
  • Spraying can be done by pressing single button.
  • Fitted with a regulator for controlling the pressure.
  • Long-lasting & HI-performance battery.
  • Fitted with backrest and shoulder pad for comfortable spraying.
  • Available in attractive colors. 


Item Code BS-1208
Production Capacity 12V/8A/h

तकनीकी विनिर्देश

Model BS-1208
Capacity 16/18 Litres
Gross Weight 4.5 Kg
Avg. Work Pressure 300 Kpa
Nozzle 5 Different Types
Color Red
Operated Battery


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