VST Tillers Tractors Stocks Rise Following Launch of 3 New Models

Share Product Published - 17 Nov 2023 by Tractor Junction

VST Tillers Tractors Stocks Rise Following Launch of 3 New Models

VST Tillers Tractors Reveals Trio of New Tractors at AGRITECHNICA 2023 in Germany

On the stock market, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd shares closed at ₹3,798.00, marking an increase of ₹71.35 or 1.91% on the BSE. By unveiling these technologically advanced products at AGRITECHNICA, VST Tillers Tractors aims to expand its reach globally, positioning the company for enhanced visibility and potential growth on the international stage. ​

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, a leading farm equipment manufacturer, has revealed three new tractors, including an electric one, at the AGRITECHNICA 2023 exhibition in Hanover, Germany. The electric tractor, named VST FIELDTRAC 929 EV, is the result of three years of research and testing. This tractor features a 25 kWh battery. VST FIELDTRAC 929 EV delivers a maximum torque of 110 Nm and has a lift capacity of 1250 kg.

In addition to the electric model, the company showcased the VST 932 DI with Stage V engine and the VST 929 with HST transmission at the exhibition. The 932 DI is a 32 HP tractor with a three-cylinder engine, offering best-in-class power and torque in its category. The 929 HST is designed for smaller landscaping operations, providing flexibility and ease of operation, equipped with a four-cylinder Stage-V 1306 cc engine.

VST Tillers Tractors has been actively involved in offering EV answers for agricultural machines, which includes drivetrains for electric-powered tractors, to main farm gadget producers inside the US.

Antony Cherukara's acknowledgement of AGRITECHNICA's strategic importance reflects VST Tillers Tractors' commitment to expanding its global presence and demonstrating its capabilities on an international scale. The exhibition serves as a vital platform for the company to present its cutting-edge products and technological prowess to the world.

In addition to the recent product launches, VST Tillers Tractors introduced six tractor models under Series 9 earlier this year and established the VST-ZETOR brand in October 2023. The higher HP tractors under this brand are ready to enter the Indian market soon.

VST FIELDTRAC 929 EV is equipped with a 25kWh battery and a motor that delivers a maximum torque of 110 Nm. This tractor comes with dual-acting power steering and a stylish layout, along with a lifting capacity of 1250 kg.

The VST 932 DI Stage V TechnoCompact tractor, falling into the 32 HP category, is equipped with a three-cylinder engine that delivers a maximum torque of 109.4 Nm. It offers powerful performance and torque, making it suitable for a number of applications and compatible with various attachments.

The FIELDTRAC 929 HST with a loader is made for smaller landscaping jobs and is designed to be easy to use and flexible. It has better steering control for more comfort. This tractor is powered by a strong four-cylinder Stage-V 1306 cc engine, giving it a torque of 72.2 Nm.

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