VST Sold 3769 Power Tillers & 589 Tractors in June 2022

Published - 01 Jul 2022

VST Sold 3769 Power Tillers & 589 Tractors in June 2022

The VST Tillers & Tractor released its sales report. The company tractor sold 589 units in June 2022 as against 927 units in June 2021 which clearly shows a drop in sales by 36.46%. Along with this, The company’s power tillers sales also increased by 25.21% as the company sold 3769 units in June 2022, whereas 3010 units were recorded in the same month the previous year. 

VST Tillers Total Sales Summary in June 2022

  June 2022 June 2021 % Change
Power Tillers 3769 3010 25.21%
Tractors 589 927 -36.46%

VST Tillers and Tractor also released their quarterly sales of power tillers and tractors. In power tiller sales, VST recorded a 36.14% growth. And, In tractor quarterly sales, the company sold 1687 units in Q1 FY23 and 2048 units in Q1 FY22, which shows a drop of 17.62%. 

VST Tillers Quarterly Sales Summary 

  Q1 FY23 Q1 FY22 % Change
Power Tillers 9161 6729 36.14%
Tractors 1687 2048 -17.62%

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