Tractor Sales January 2020; John Deere Tractor Recorded 46 Percent Growth

Tractor Sales January 2020; John Deere Tractor Recorded 46 Percent Growth

Posted On - 22 Feb 2020

Domestic tractor sales grew by 4.7% y-o-y in January 2020 on account of low base and better monsoon, although lower commercial activity kept it from growing further. One of the most important factor in this growth is South Indian market. Demands from South India market is getting strong from Dec’19.

Domestic sales of Mahindra Tractor in January 2019 were recorded 20948 units and in January 2020 tractor sales were recorded 22329 units. This shows a clear 6.6% increase in the sales of Mahindra tractor. In FY’20 (Apr-Jan) due to weak demand from East & South India market, Mahindra tractor sales decreases  30% and 26% cumulatively .

India’s no. 2 Tractor manufacturer TAFE is losing market share month on month. In January 2020 TAFE tractor sales 8184 units against 9046 units in January 2019. This shows TAFE sales dropped by 9.5%. In FY’20 (Apr-Jan) Tafe loses 1.27% in market share PAN India. Rajasthan which is strongest state of TAFE they lose 3.23% Market share and in Gujarat TAFE lose 3.39% MS to competition in FY’20 (Apr-Jan) .

In Jan 2020 John Deere becomes no. 3 tractor manufactures in domestic sales. John Deere tractor sales 6926 tractors in January 2020 comparison to 4731 tractors in January 2019 recorded 46.4% growth. It is a very good sign for the company. John deere registered 73.8% growth in South India and 51.7% growth in West India.

Escorts Tractor - In January 2019 domestic sales of Escorts tractor were 5762 units and in January 2020 domestic sales were recorded 5845 units. This clearly shows the growth of 1.4% in the sales of Escorts tractors. IN FY’20 (Apr-Jan) Escorts Tractor production decline 31% in 31-40 HP Segment which showing Escorts brand Powertrac is losing sales in this segment on other side Escorts registered 52.5% growth in Up to 30 HP segment. That indicates Escorts Farmtrac ATOM is now generating more demand. 

Sonalika Tractors January 2019 records 5800 units Sonalika tractor sales record on the other hand in January 2020 Sonalika tractor sales were recorded 5585 units. This shows a 3.7% decline in sales.  In FY’20 (Apr-Jan) Sonalika Tractor sales declined 31% in East India and 14.3% in South India. 

New Holland tractor sales decline by 9.5% in January 2020 as compared to January 2019. 1726 units tractor sales recorded in January 2019 whereas 1557 units tractor sales recorded in January 2020. In FY 2020 (Apr-Jan) New Holland Tractor sales decline  43%  in East India and 17% in South India.

Kubota Tractors recorded 28% growth in January 2020. In January 2019 sales were 661 units and in January 2020 sales were 846 units.

Captain Tractors recorded 144.6% growth in domestic sales of tractors. In January 2019 sales were 204 units and in January 2020 sales were 499 units.

Force Motors recorded a growth of 6.6% tractor sales. Force Tractor sold 308 tractor in Jan’ 20

VST Shakti tractors In January 2020 VST Shakti tractor sales were declined by 3.9% in comparison to January 2019. 

ACE Tractors Sales decreased by 36.8% in January 2020 in comparison to January 2019.

Preet tractor Sales decreased to 156 units as compared to505 units sold in January 2019.

Indo Farm equipments in January 2020 6.6% sales increased as compared to January 2019.


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