Tractor Retail Sales Increase by 8.47% in November 2020

Tractor Retail Sales Increase by 8.47% in November 2020

Posted On - 17 Dec 2020

Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) declares monthly tractor retail sales report. In which 8.47% of the hike is noted that clearly shows a good amount of tractors sold in this month despite the pandemic. November is the festive month and the festive season always increases the demand for tractors. So the same thing happened this time, the demand for tractors in Indian market rose. 

The total tractor sold by the companies is 49313 units in November 2020 which are 3851 units more from the tractor sold in November 2019. This is the great sign for tractor industries. As we all know, this year is a challenging year for the whole nation. And between all these pandemic situations, tractor demand increased. 

We are going to show brand wise tractor sales reports with their market share. Have a look. 

Mahindra Tractor recorded a good amount of increase this month. They sold 11966 units in the month of November 2020, and in 2019 November tractor retail sales were 11406 units. It displays a hike of 4.91% in Mahindra tractor retail sales. On the other hand, Mahindra tractor lost 0.82% in their market share. 

Swaraj Tractors sales also increased substantially in the November month. Currently commanding a 17.26 percent MS, the company retail sales stood at 8,510 units in Nov 20, up 1,199 units as against 7,311 units sold in Nov 19. 

In November 2020, Sonalika tractor retail sales were 5747 units, and in November 2019, sales were 5320 units. This shows a gain in Sonalila tractor retail sales report by 8.03%. But their market share decreased by 0.05% in November 2020. 

TAFE Limited (Massey Ferguson) recorded a huge gain in tractor retail sales with this they also gained 0.48% of market share in November 2020. The company recorded 5609 units of tractor retail sales in November 2020 and in 2019 November, sales were 4952 units. This indicates 13.27% growth in TAFE Limited Tractor retail sales. 

Escorts Group faces a 5.09% decline in their tractor retail sales. Along with this, they also face a fall in market share by 1.38%. Escorts Group sold 4753 units of a tractor in the month of November 2020, and the sales were 5008 units in November 2019. 

John Deere tractors registered 4238 units in November 2020, which is 19.75% more in comparison to November 2019. The sales were 3539 units in November 2019. With this, they also maintained 0.81% of market share this month. 

Eicher Tractor, 3067 units tractor retail sales were recorded in November 2020, and it was recorded 3293 units in November 2019. This clearly represents 6.68% of the decline in Eicher tractor retail sales. They also lose their market share by 1.02% this month. 

Other Tractor OEMs such as CNH Industrial, Kubota, VST and Force Motors all noted an increase in YoY sales. 

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