Sonalika Tractors sales grow by 31% in August 17

Share Product Published - 05 Sep 2017 by Tractor Junction

Sonalika Tractors sales grow by  31% in August 17

India’s third largest tractor brand, International Tractors Limited (ITL), makers of Sonalika Tractors , has registered a 31% growth in its domestic volumes by selling 4887 tractors in August compared to 3730 tractors during the same period last year.

In the international market, Sonalika has exported 4793 tractors between April-August’17.

For the month of August’17, the company has registered a volume of 1170 tractors compared to 1008 tractors during the same period last year, marking a growth of 14% in the international market.

Raman Mittal,  Executive Director Sonalika ITL said: “Sonalika ITL is continuing its focus on bringing products best matched for progressive farmer practices. This focus is helping us in our growth as well as our farmers to increase their income. We recently collaborated with Niti Aayog to support the country’s objective of doubling farmer income by 2022. Aligned to company’s vision, we are promoting our products to improve farmer yield and productivity”.


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