Sonalika rolls out COVID-19 vaccination drive for employees; sales surge 851% YoY in April'21

Published - 03 May 2021

Sonalika rolls out COVID-19 vaccination drive for employees; sales surge 851% YoY in April'21

-    Registers overall sales of 9,130 tractors in April’21 with staggering 851% growth in domestic, beats industry growth of est. 436%.

-    Administers 5,400+ vaccines, aims to cover 100% by May’21

The testing times of Covid-19 pandemic have made a harsh comeback and have hit the world harder this time around. Sonalika Tractors is fully committed to ensuring that 100% of its workforce is vaccinated ahead of everything. In April’21, the company’s vaccination drive has administered 5,400+ vaccines and counting large every day. Sonalika plans to cover its entire workforce by May’21 regardless of their age group and will ensure each of its employees, channel partners and dealer staff are fully secured from Covid-19. The expenses for the vaccination drive will be fully borne by the company, thereby help India fight back and rise once again to be back among the world leaders. Overall, Sonalika Tractors has sold 9,130 tractors in April’21 while registering staggering 851% Domestic Growth, surpassing industry growth of est. 436% by a significant margin

May 3rd, 2021:The fresh, harsh wave of Coronavirus cases has again bought back the testing times for almost every stakeholder of the society. Alike last year when the first Covid-19 pandemic wave hit the country, Sonalika Tractors has again been at the forefront in supporting its employees, channel partners and its staff to remain fully secured from the pandemic in 2021. As a responsible corporate entity, Sonalika Tractors has already taken the full responsibility to arrange and bear expenses related to Covid-19 vaccination of its entire workforce including Pan India employees, channel partners and their teams. It is of utmost priority at Sonalika Tractors to safeguard its family from the pandemic and support India fight back to challenge Covid-19 wave.

Sonalika Tractors has already administered over 5,400 vaccines & counting at April’21 at its Hoshiarpur facility. The vaccination drive will continue at the plant and also at Pan India level in May’21 until the 100% of Sonalika employees and channel partners, as well as their teams, will be fully vaccinated. Moreover, Sonalika’s teams remain fully committed to develop robust quality products for the farmers across the globe and support them with our superior quality service for maximum uptime of our advanced technology-powered products. Overall, Sonalika has sold overall 9,130 tractors in April’21 and has registered a staggering 851% domestic growth, thereby beating industry growth of est. 436% by a significant margin.

Sharing his thoughts on the tough prevailing conditions, Mr. Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, said, “India is witnessing one of the worst times in its history and it is time that we all join hands together to support our country rise up again. Today, everyone’s health is of prime importance and vaccination would help to win the war against the current challenging situation, where sales stands today to be secondary. 

As a responsible corporate entity, we have initiated a vaccination drive last month targeting to cover each and every employee, channel partner and their team to win over the current, tougher 2ndwave of the pandemic. 

All expenses related to this vaccination drive to cover 100% workforce will be taken care by Sonalika. Even during the pandemic times last year, Sonalika Tractors had pioneered various initiatives which powered the company to emerge as the fastest growing tractor brand in the industry in FY’21, surpassing annual industry growth.”

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