Queen Of Indian Tractor Industry Mallika Srinivasan (CEO TAFE)

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Queen Of Indian Tractor Industry Mallika Srinivasan (CEO TAFE)

Mallika Srinivasan, chairman and CEO of TAFE tractors in India is known as the Queen of Tractor industry in India.

 The 27-year-old took over the reins of the company -tractor and Farm Equipment (TAFE) is South India Amlgemeshn Group company. -chennai The introduction of the group in 1945 was S Ramakrishnann. A son of the daughter of Shivaselm -mallika Srinivasan Ramakrishnan. Mallika-e in 1984 at the behest of Shivaselm steered TAFE. -us Time for TAFE Fergusn Massey of England assembled in India and used to sell only one model

Customer Care at TAFE combat -us first company to run the Ford of England, Poland was Usrs and Indian giants like HMT. - The companies of every segment manufactures and TAFE Tractors used to sell only one model in India. Mallika summon the priority service in its brand. TAFE customer care center opened in the country. - At that time it was not so comfortable, but at the present time, the company did better Response .

In 1991 saved per Prodktsn dealers in India in the early 90s, M & M, Punjab Tractors and its model series were already emerged as the big brands. -1990-91 Tractor industry in the recession could also not escape the arrest. However, this change was round .

-All Companies selling tractor began to put pressure on their dealers, but Mallika TAFE or stream it went in reverse. -They Prodktsn saving by reducing dealers face this downturn. -The Move the dealer shift came at TAFE as big market penetration of TAFE in northern India became known .

Is today the world's third largest tractor company TAFE -2000 approached 39 to 59 horsepower segment in Tractors was the big name. But now the landscape was changing. -per Peasant farmers from agricultural land decreases emphasis on small, low powered Tactors was thought to be. But, In 2005, the owner Siddharth Mallika Oyashr selling red tractor unit taking slammed bought it. That it was the experience of making small tractors to TAFE and Germany and deeper penetration into the core of the company, became Europe Nathe. -iske Agko of the US company to invest heavily after the company became the world's third largest tractor company .

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