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MRF tops tractor tyre satisfaction index: Study

MRF tops tractor tyre satisfaction index: Study
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Ceat secured second position with 830 points followed by Goodyear with 828 points among the five brands included in the study, as per the JD Power release.

Problems with tyres significantly impact overall satisfaction with tractor performance, with uneven tyre wear cited as the most frequently reported problem, according to the inaugural J.D. Power 2018 India Tractor Tyre Satisfaction Index (TTSI) Study,SM released today. Overall satisfaction with tractor tyres plunges by 114 points (on a 1,000-point scale) when owners experience any problems with the tyres, compared to when no tyre problems are experienced (738 vs. 852, respectively). 

The study also finds that the Tractor Product Performance Index (PPI) score decreases by 70 points when customers report problems with their tractor tyres compared to when no tyre problems are reported (782 vs. 852, respectively). Across all the types of tyre problems reported by tractor owners, repurchase and recommendation intent for the tyre brand are the lowest (18% and 22%, respectively) when owners report problems specifically with uneven tyre wear. 

“It is important for tractor OEMs and dealers to educate customers about the safe operation for appropriate jobs, load limits for tyres and a prudent selection of correctly matched implements to reduce the number of problems associated with tyres,” said Yukti Arora, Practice Lead, Agriculture and Heavy Equipment at J.D. Power. “This may not only help to bring down tyre replacement or retreading costs but may also improve the tractor’s fuel efficiency and enhance ride comfort. Additionally, informing customers about the correct tyre pressure for in-field and off-field work can augment tyre performance and reduce the incidence of premature tyre wear.”

The study also finds that satisfaction with tyres is higher when customers personally choose the original brand of tyres installed on their new tractors, compared to when customers are not involved in choosing the brand (840 vs. 831, respectively). More than one-third (38%) of tractor owners indicate that they chose the original brand of tyres for their new tractor. 

The following are additional key findings of the study: 

  • Length of warranty period impacts satisfaction: Tyre satisfaction is highest (859) among customers who indicate having a warranty coverage of three years or longer. However, 42% of owners indicate receiving only one year of warranty. 
  • Tyre satisfaction is highest in the above 50 HP segment: Satisfaction scores across all four factors are highest for tractors in the above 50 HP segment and lowest for those in the 31-40 HP segment, with a Tyre Index score that is 35 points higher in the former segment than in the latter segment. 
  • Tyre performance varies across different land types: Satisfaction with tyres is highest when the tractor is used on flat or plain land surface and is lowest when a tractor is used on hilly/ sloped or terraced land type (836 vs. 810, respectively). The incidence of tyre problems is also highest when the tractor is used on hilly or sloped surfaces. 

Study Rankings

MRF ranks highest in satisfaction with a score of 848. Ceat (830) ranks second and Goodyear (828) ranks third among the five brands included in the study. 

The inaugural 2018 India Tractor Tyre Satisfaction Index Study is based on responses from 3,768 tractor owners across 14 states. The study was fielded from January 2018 to May 2018 and includes owners who purchased a new tractor between January 2016 and May 2017 from an authorized dealership. 

The study examines satisfaction with the tractor tyre performance among owners of 12- to 24-month-old tractors. Overall tyre satisfaction is measured across four factors (listed in order of importance): durability; ride quality; appearance; and traction and handling. Tractor owners’ overall satisfaction with their tractor tyres stands at 834 (on a 1,000-point scale). Among the four factors, satisfaction is highest in traction and handling (842) and lowest in durability (825). 

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