Mahindra Total Sales Drop Down by 7 percent in the Farm Equipment Sector

Share Product Published - 04 Oct 2021 by Tractor Junction

Mahindra Total Sales Drop Down by 7 percent in the Farm Equipment Sector

Mahindra farm equipment domestic sales dropped by 7% as the sales were 39,053 units in September 2021 against 42,361 units in September 2021. 

Today, Mahindra and Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector (FES), a portion of the Mahindra Group, reported its domestic tractor sales for September 2021. 

Mahindra Tractor sales, including exports and domestic, in September 2021, the sales were at 40,331 units, a plunge of 7%, against 43,386 units for a similar period last year. 

Fares for the month remained at 1,278 units in September, against 1,025 units in the same month last year. It posted a development of 25% in September 2021.

Remarking on the performance, Hemant Sikka, President - "We have sold 39053 farm tractors in the domestic market in September 2021. Solid restoration in precipitation in September carried cheers to the cultivating local area, with the whole precipitation shortfall cleared off by the end of September and storms accomplishing ordinary levels." Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. said. 

"This is the third consecutive ordinary or above typical rainstorm for the third year. Repository levels have improved and abundant precipitation in September will prompt high dampness content in the dirt, prompting solid Rabi planting. With harvest creation gauges showing the most noteworthy ever Kharif Crop, combined with the forthcoming bubbly season, we are hopeful of a solid interest in the coming months. In the Export market, we have sold 1278 units of tractors with a development of 25% over the year before." He likewise added. 

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