Mahindra Introduces 3 New Tractors of Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus

Published - 11 Oct 2021

Mahindra Introduces 3 New Tractors of Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus

Mahindra launched 3 new tractors, Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 275 DI, 405 DI and 415 DI, in the market. Tractor with the best lifting capacity with all the farm equipment. 

Number One in Every Farm Work: 1700 kg Lifting Capacity

The country's number one tractor company Mahindra & Mahindra has launched the Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Tractor range claiming the number one technology in the tractor industry. The Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor with a lifting capacity of 1700 kg has been provided with modern features. The company claims that with this tractor, farmers can do more work in less time. The company has given this tractor its number one precision hydraulics control features, number one lifting capacity in its class, ability to work with leading equipment, etc. Let us know all the features and specifications of the Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractors.

Features and Specifications of Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Tractors

  1. Precise Hydraulics Precision Control : Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor features precise hydraulics precision control, making it easy to operate with heavy to heavy agricultural implements.
  2. Excellent Lifting Capacity: Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor offers best in class lifting capacity of 1700 kgs. This tractor is number one in lifting equipment. The tractor has the unique feature of bringing down heavy machinery quickly.
  3. High Precision Control Valve : The Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor is equipped with a High Precision Control Valve which provides deep and uniform tillage at the time of sowing. Due to this, the risk of damage during harvesting or digging is also significantly less.
  4. Easy Access to PC-DC Control : The Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor has easy access to the PC-DC Control Valve for the driver to work for long hours without getting tired.

Other Features

  • It is powered by a powerful 3-cylinder m-zip (m-ZIP) engine, advanced constant mesh transmission synchromesh (12 forward + 3 reverse).
  • Due to the tractor's precise hydraulics capability and comfortable design, this tractor is number one in farming and haulage operations.
  • High maximum torque and backup torque engines have been provided in the tractor.
  • This tractor is powered by best in class PTO HP and Fuel Efficient Engines.
  • It has the highest maximum and minimum speed ranges. The minimum speed provided is 1.4 kilometres per hour. Planetary drive and reliable helical gears have been given in this tractor.
  • The Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor comes with unique features to provide comfortable driving. Genuine side shift gear, large and full platform for ascending and descending, dual acting power steering for relaxed driving, agronomically designed pedals, and levers make this tractor number one in comfort.
  • The tractor has been given special features such as a tipping trailer pipe.
  • The Mahindra Yuvo Tech + tractor comes with 6 years warranty.

Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Tractor Models in India

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus number one technology is available in three tractor models. These tractor models are as follows.

  1. Mahindra YUVO TECH+ 275 DI 
  2. Mahindra YUVO TECH+ 405 DI 
  3. Mahindra YUVO TECH+ 415 DI

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus Tractor HP Details

The Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor is available in three variants 37, 39 and 42 HP. Mahindra Yuvo TECH+ 275 DI tractor 37 hp, Mahindra YUVO TECH+ 405 DI tractor 39 hp and Mahindra Yuvo TECH+ 415 DI ​​tractor 42 hp.

Mahindra understands the problems of Indian farmers.

Mahindra & Mahindra is the no. 1 tractor manufacturer in the country. Mahindra understands the hardship faced by Indian farmers and continues to work with them to provide them with efficient agriculture solutions. The Mahindra Tractors team strives to provide the best tractors for farming. We at Mahindra Tractors have provided powerful, efficient and profitable tractors to our farmers. Mahindra Tractors continues to help farmers with hard work, determination and hard work to achieve their dreams.

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