Mahindra DiGi Sense – A New Connected Vehicle Platform Launched!

Mahindra DiGi Sense – A New Connected Vehicle Platform Launched!

Posted On - 26 Aug 2016

Automotive major,  Mahindra has introduced a new digital connected vehicle platform, called the ‘Mahindra DiGi Sense’.

The first version of the digital platform, the Mahindra DiGi Sense 1.0, has been completely developed and tested within the country, in association with its technology subsidiary, Tech Mahindra, along with automotive technology specialist, Bosch  and with inputs coming in from telecom major, Vodafone.

The platform has been launched initially for the company’s farm equipment and commercial products and will eventually be rolled out for passenger vehicles as well. Mahindra DiGi Sense enables customers to remotely keep a check on various attributes and functionalities of their vehicle, thus, helping them in various ways.

Mahindra DiGi Sense aims to prevent theft of vehicles by allowing owners to geo-tag the last location of their vehicle on their smart devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers, which will then notify about any untoward movements of the vehicle, if there’s any directly on the device.

Also, the application allows owners to set speed and rpm limits and the vehicle will not exceed those, so as to keep them safe when driven by an outsourced driver. Apart from these, the Mahindra DiGi Sense monitors engine and mechanical health of the vehicle and prompts the user when to go in for the replacement of parts like air filter or when to go in for a scheduled service.

It also features real time GPS tracking of the vehicle and also provides route suggestions and gives an estimate on the fare of travel. It has taken Mahindra around 1,80,000 kilometers and close to 10,000 hours of testing to come up with the version 1.0 of the Mahindra DiGi Sense application.

The platform is open sourced and allows other developers to come aboard and make customized layouts and features, suiting their needs. Vehicles with Mahindra DiGi Sense will need to be chosen to come with this technology and existing vehicles cannot just jump on to the platform as it is not an OBD based system.

The technology will be offered in Mahindra Jeeto, Imperio, Arjun tractor and the Mahindra Earthmaster and the Mahindra Blazo.

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