John Deere India Gets BS-V Certification for 3029 EWX Engine

Published - 27 Feb 2020

John Deere India Gets BS-V Certification for 3029 EWX Engine

John Deere India gets BS-V certification for its 3029 EWX engine, after more than four years of imposition.

John Deere India is the Pune based domestic branch of the world’s most popular producer of tractors and farm implements. In India, John Deere is the customer most likeable brand. John Deere makes trust by providing quality products at an affordable price.

John Deere supply tractors, harvesters, tractor implements and construction equipment. John Deere provides hp ranging from 28-120 and more than 35 tractors in India.  John Deere also supplies farm implements and road construction equipment which is quite popular among Indian customers.

First time in India any brand gets BS-V certificate for its road construction equipment and at the end of the year domestically manufactured 3029 EWX engine releases in the market.

John Deere always stands strong on the expectations of the customers. They produced according to their need and budget. They manufactured products which are affordable and easily fit in the budget of the customers. 

John Deere always maintains standard with every release of their product. They always come up with new technology and innovations for effective and efficient work. So this time John Deere engine 3029 EWX gets BS-V certification and this is the good sign for the company.

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