Escorts Agri Machinery domestic sales up 37.4% in September

Share Product Published - 04 Oct 2016 by Tractor Junction

Escorts Agri Machinery domestic sales up 37.4% in September

FARIDABAD: Indian farm equipment manufacturer Escorts Agri Machinery has sold 7,664 tractors in the domestic market in September 2016 as against 5,576 tractors in September 2015, thereby witnessing growth of 37.4 percent.

Exports for the month of September 2016 were up by 103.3 percent and stood at 61 units. During September 2015, escorts exported 30 tractors.

Total (domestic+exports) tractor sales at 7,725 units grew by 37.8 percent when compared with 5,606 units in September 2015. When talking about year-to-date (April-September, 2016) total sales the company witnessed positive growth of 21 percent by selling 31,845 units.

During the first six months of the current fiscal year, the company's exports registered negative growth of 21.2 percent and stood at 371 units. During April-September, 2015 a total of 471 tractors were exported.

When talking about domestic sales, during the period talked about, Escorts experienced an increase of 21.8 percent.


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