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18 Rotavator Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Rotavator machine are offered, including Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman, Mahindra and many more. Rotavator Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes Tillage, Land Preparation, Land Scaping. Now you can quickly get a Rotavator for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Rotavator price. Buy Rotavator for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Rotavator Machine Price in India. The popular Rotavator Models in India are Shaktiman Regular Light, Shaktiman Semi Champion Series SRT, Shaktiman Regular Plus and many more.



Popular Rotavator - 18

Shaktiman Regular Light Implement
Regular Light
By Shaktiman

Power : 25-65

Shaktiman Semi Champion Series SRT Implement

Power : 40 HP & more

Shaktiman Regular Plus Implement
Regular Plus
By Shaktiman

Power : 30-75

Shaktiman Regular Series SRT Implement

Power : 34 HP & more

Shaktiman Tusker Implement
By Shaktiman

Power : 50-60

Shaktiman Regular Smart Implement
Regular Smart
By Shaktiman

Power : 30-70

Shaktiman B Series SRT 185 Implement
B Series SRT 185
By Shaktiman

Power : 55 HP & more

Shaktiman B Series SRT145 Implement
B Series SRT145
By Shaktiman

Power : 34 HP & more

Shaktiman Semi Champion Plus Implement

Power : 40-100

Shaktiman B Series SRT165 Implement
B Series SRT165
By Shaktiman

Power : 40 HP & more

Shaktiman U series Implement
U series
By Shaktiman

Power : 15-65 HP

Shaktiman Side Shift Implement
Side Shift
By Shaktiman

Power : 40 -75 HP

Shaktiman Mini Series SRT 0.8 Implement

Power : 12-22 HP

Shaktiman Mini Series  SRT 1.2/540 Implement

Power : 12-25 HP

Shaktiman Viktor Implement
By Shaktiman

Power : 50-95

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About Rotavator Implements

Which farmer does not want effective and productive farming? Every farmer wants it. For this, they focus on the tractors for agriculture and seek the best equipment, tools, and tractor rotary. Tractor Rotary is very effective with tractors for farming, and it has many outstanding features with the excellent tractor rotavator price. Find here Rotavator price, features and review.

Rotavator is one of the Tractor Implements that is used for preparing seedbeds and helping to remove and mix the crops like maize, wheat, sugarcane etc. A rotary cultivator also helps to improve soil nutrition and save fuel cost, time, and energy. 

Rotavator Tractor Implements help the tractor to prepare the field effectively. We also provide the best price list with the best selective brands of rotary tiller rotavator on the Rotavator Tractor Implements page.

Tractor rotavator comes in the Tillage and Land Preparation category with many popular brands like Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman, Fieldking, Mahindra and many more. 

Rotavator Tractor Implements Price

According to its models, a Rotary Tiller price is very affordable to buy, which is Rs. 90,000-1.30 Lakh*. A farmer can easily buy it for their farm’s better productivity.

Tractor tiller price is very reasonable between many models. The rotary price also depends on its models, design, category, like a rotavator for mini tractor, brand, and rotavator size. For instance, 7 feet rotavator price, 6 feet rotavator price, small tractor rotavator price and many more. These categories and models consist of the best rotary tiller price in India and live up to the farmer's expectation. Reasonable Cost of rotavator gives a relaxation to the farmers, and beautiful farming as well. According to its features, Rotavator 7 feet price and rotavator 6 feet price is a very affordable price and budget-friendly price of rotavator. 

Rotavator Tractor Implements Models In India

Although the Rotavator Tractor Implements are 153 models available at Tractor Junction. But here we come with the 3 most popular models of the rotary cultivator.

Following are such models.

  • Ks Group Rotavator: The Rotavator comes in the Tillage category with 460 kg weight and affordable price. 
  • Shaktiman Regular Light: The Regular Light comes in the Tillage category with an Implement power of 25-65 hp. Its total weight lies between 339 kg to 429 kg, and it is also very affordable to buy. 
  • Bullz Power Double Rotor Duro+: The Double Rotor Duro+ comes in the Tillage category with Implement power of 30-90 hp. It is very budget-friendly in price Rs. 1.15 lakh* - Rs. 1.45 Lakh*.

Maschio Rotavator Price Range: Tractor Junction provides a complete Maschio Rotavator Price Range in a single place for customers convenience. 

Tractor Rotary Cultivator - Other Specifications

The Rotavator machine price never compromises with its features, which makes it an efficient rotavator. The tractor rotavator is the best tractor for farmers who need to develop their farm efficiency with unique features reasonably. A Rotary tiller machine is effective in the cultivating field with a tractor. The mini tractor rotary additionally has an option of force guiding if the purchaser needs it. 

Mini tractor rotavator is designed and developed for many purposes. The rotary tractor is the fastest-growing rotavator name and has the most extensive range of Rotavator for tractor. Rotary for tractor works very productively in the farms. Tractor with Rotavator works very effectively and gives a higher satisfaction in farms. The best Rotary tiller price stands steadily amongst India's top best new Rotavator models. Tractor Rotary company manufactures many tractor rotavator models for better and productive farming activities.

Why Tractor Junction For Rotavator Tractor Implements?

Because Tractor Junction always provides you with the correct information. Here you can find any information about rotary tiller rotavator, price of rotary tiller, tractor rotary price and mini tractor rotavator price by just applying filters. If you want to get more information about rotavator price 6 feet, rotavator price 7 feet and tractor rotavator price in India stay tuned with Tractor Junction. You can find rotavators for sale along with the 6 feet rotavator price in India on the best rotavator cost. Here you can get the best mini rotavator price in India with the tractor rotavator price list. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Rotavator Tractor Implements

Ans. Shaktiman Regular Light, Shaktiman Semi Champion Series SRT, Shaktiman Regular Plus are the most popular Rotavator.

Ans. Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman, Mahindra companies are best for the Rotavator.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Rotavator.

Ans. Rotavator is used for Tillage, Land Preparation, Land Scaping.

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