Vst Shakti 932

4 WD

Vst Shakti 932 Tractor Specifications Price Mileage | Vst Shakti Tractor Price

Vst Shakti 932 tractor manufactured with innovative solutions. It has a bundle of excellent features like 30 hp and cylinders that generates powerful engine capacity. Vst Shakti 932 also has slick gearboxes. Additionally, This Vst Shakti 932 comes with and heavy hydraulic lifting capacity. Vst Shakti 932 produced according to the demand of the customers. Vst Shakti 932 price is reasonable and fits in the budget of every farmer.

Vst Shakti always comes with innovative tractors for the farmers. This time, they come with Vst shakti 932. This tractor has all the smart features that provide effective work on the field. Vst 30 hp tractor is the new launched of Vst Shakti with advanced specifications. 

This Vst shakti 30 hp tractor has a synchromesh gear box that provides smooth work on the field. It is productive and also gives efficient mileage. This tractor can help to increase working hours on the field. It has a fantastic hydraulic lifting capacity that is capable of lifting almost implements. 

Vst shakti 932 tractor price is fixed according to the farmer's budget, and Vst 30 hp tractor price is suitable for every farmer. Buying Vst shakti 932 is the perfect deal.


HP Category 30 HP


Type Synchromesh +

Wheels And Tyres

Wheel drive 4 WD

Others Information

Status Coming Soon

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