Shalimar Tirpal HDPE (24 X 30 Feet) Tarpaulin

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Price: ₹2850




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Thickness: 190 GSM

Size :  24 X 30 Feet 


Shalimar Tirpal HDPE (24 X 30 Feet) Tarpaulin is utilized for various outdoor and external purposes, to shield or protect anything from rain, wind, sunlight, and other natural barriers. In India, these large size Tarpaulins are commonly used to protect vehicles from natural happenings.


Specifications and traits

Tarpaulin 30 x 30 is the most trustworthy tripal with a long life prospect and enduring qualities. The specifications and traits of this Shalimar tirpal are accessible here.

  • This Shalimar tarpaulin has a vast size of 24 X 30 Feet.
  • Its thickness is 190 GSM.
  • It is available in three different colours Black, Blue, Yellow.


Plastic Tarpaulin

  • The tarpaulin can be used for Agricultural, Domestic Application, Commercial, etc.
  • Tough, Durable, and Flexible Hence, Suitable For Covering Any Product.
  • Strong and Long Lasting Product.
  • Shalimar Tripal Price

Tarpaulin 24 x 30 price is RS.2850(approx).  In India, Shalimar tripal price is more economical for all the users and farmer. With TractorJunction Shalimar tripal price is very reasonable and budget-friendly.

Technical Specification

Thickness 190 GSM
Size 24 X 30 Feet 
Colour Black , Blue, Yellow

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