Neptune BC-360 Side Pack 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

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CategoryBrush Cutter

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  • Powerful & Maintenance Free Petrol Engine.
  • Equipped with Different Type of Blades & Cutters for Multi-Purpose Use, Saves Time, Labor.
  • Manufactured with Unique Anti Vibration Technology.
  • Built with Strong & Sturdy Materials.


Neptune Brushcutters are the mechanized way of cutting grass, weed, bushes and even crops in the field areas. They make the job easier and quicker for the users. Each brushcutter is equipped with engine, shaft and different types of cutting blades which can be multi purpose in use. All models are manufactured with a unique anti vibration technology and built with strong and sturdy materials.

Technical Specification

Engine 35.8 cc
Power/RPM 1.0 Kw
Carburetor Diaphragm
Wt. (kg) 9
Engine 1.5 HP

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