How Indian Farmers are Celebrating World Environment Day 2023 by Adopting Sustainable Farming Practices?

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How Indian Farmers are Celebrating World Environment Day 2023 by Adopting Sustainable Farming Practices?

Today is World Environment Day 2023. One of the very few days where we get to celebrate our world and everything that is good about it. This year’s celebration theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution”, which highlights all that people can do to reduce plastic pollution.

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Plastic pollution reported to affect the ecosystem, be it humans, animals or plants and trees. Such adverse effect is lasting, and therefore raising awareness about this is of paramount importnace. What's more, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)reports that about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into the oceans annually. Such dumping can cause harm to sea creatures, and in turn the consumers who are people.

Prioritizing the adaptation of eco-friendly services might help in no small amount when it comes to the mitigation of this issue. Practices such as industrialization and agriculture taking a more sustainable approach would help make the world a better place. So let us see how sustainable agriculture is promoting such ecological improvement.

Sustainable Farming Practices

As the backbone of Indian economy, agriculture stands to feed, clothe, and shelter several farmers and run several other farm based businesses. Agriculture provides a living for half of our country's people, if not more. You just cannot overstate its influence on the environment.

Experts recommend involving methods of agroecology in agriculture nowadays to save the environment. It involves ecological, social, and economic factors in equal parts. Furthermore, it encourages the utilisation of indigenous knowledge and natural biodiversity in order to be environmentally beneficial. Farmers finding ways to combine sustainable methods into agriculture have made it far more eco-friendly, all thanks to agroecology.

Agroecology has an impressive slew of benefits, some of them are here below:

  • Improved crop yields and quality
  • Reduced dependence on external inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Enhanced soil fertility and water retention
  • Increased biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Increased income and food security for farmers
  • Improved health and well-being for farmers and consumers

Given above are just some methods with which Indian farmers are combating environmental depletion with. This doesn't just help the environment, but it also helps their own lives, as these methods are a lot more cost effective.

World Environment Day 2023 is a reminder that every person can certainly make a difference by taking action to reduce plastic waste and promote eco-friendly alternatives. As UNEP says: "If you can’t reuse it, refuse it"

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