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Standard Tractors in India

The Standard tractor company had its origin in 1975 and also the relation company commonplace tractors was registered in 1990. Standard offers 7 models 35-90 HP categories. Standard tractor price starts at rs. 4.90 Lakh. The most expensive Standard tractor is Standard DI 490 priced at rs 9.20 Lakh in 90 HP. The most popular Standard Tractor models are Standard DI 450 and Standard DI 335, in their respective segments.

Standard DI 335 2 WD
Standard DI 335
  •  35 HP
  •  2592 CC
  •  Single Clutch
  •   4.90-5.10 Lac*
Standard DI 345 2 WD
Standard DI 345
  •  45 HP
  •  2857 CC
  •  Single Clutch / Dual Clutch
  •   5.80-6.80 Lac*
Standard DI 450 2 WD
Standard DI 450
  •  50 HP
  •  3456 CC
  •  Dual Clutch
  •   6.10-6.50 Lac*
Standard DI 355 2 WD
Standard DI 355
  •  55 HP
  •  3066 CC
  •  Dual Clutch
  •   6.60 - 7.20 Lac*
Standard DI 460 2 WD
Standard DI 460
  •  60 HP
  •  3596 CC
  •  Dual Clutch
  •   7.20 - 7.60 Lac*
Standard DI 475 2 WD
Standard DI 475
  •  75 HP
  •  4088 CC
  •  Dual Clutch
  •   8.60-9.20 Lac*
Standard DI 490 4 WD
Standard DI 490
  •  90 HP
  •  4088 CC
  •  Dual Clutch
  •   10.90-11.20 Lac*

About Standard Tractors

Standard Tractor Company Based in Bathinda Road, Handiaya, Barnala, Punjab (India), STANDARD CORPORATION INDIA LTD. (TRACTOR DIVISION) formerly known as Standard Combines Pvt. Ltd., but due to its gradual growth it has been changed to Standard Corporation India Ltd., manufactures high quality Combines & Tractors. The company had got its inception in 1975 and the sibling company Standard Tractors was registered in 1990. In last many years we have made enormous progress by growing from a small production company to one of the leading manufactures of Combines & Tractors in India. It is our mission to provide our customers with outstanding products and support, exceeding their expectations. This is also known with the term "tractor standard".

Our extensive production capabilities allow us to service your diverse needs to guarantee quick response and delivery. OUR MISSION is to provide innovative, practical & top quality products and services that effectively and efficiently serve the material move markets needs worldwide. We Believe our first responsibility is to the customer and the quality products & quality service is the only thing a company truly has to offer.

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Recently Asked User Questions about Standard Tractor

Q. What is the Standard tractor price range?

Answer. Standard tractor price starting from Rs. 4.90 lakh to Rs. 9.20 lakh* in India.

Q. What is the Standard Tractor HP range?

Answer. From 35 hp to 90 hp is the Standard Tractor Hp range.

Q. Can you tell me Standard tractor 60 hp price?

Answer. Rs. 7.20-7.70 lakh* is the Standard tractor 60 hp price.

Q. Which is the highest price tractor in Standard?

Answer. Standard DI 490 is the highest price tractor in Standard.

Q. What is the standard tractor 450 price?

Answer. Standard tractor 450 price is Rs 6.10-6.50 lakh*.

Q. Are standard tractors good for any type of farming?

Answer. Yes, standard tractors are good for any type of farming.


Best Selling Standard Tractor Price List 2020 in India

   Standard DI 335    Rs.4.90-5.10 Lac*
   Standard DI 345    Rs.5.80-6.80 Lac*
   Standard DI 450    Rs.6.10-6.50 Lac*
   Standard DI 475    Rs.6.60-7.20 Lac*
   Standard DI 490    Rs.8.90-9.20 Lac*  


Data Last Updated On : 18/01/2020