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Captain Tractors in India

Captain Tractors began the assembly of their tractors in the Republic of India in 1994, which went on to become the start of a golden era for the corporate. Captain offers 7 models 15-26 HP categories. Captain tractor price starts at rs. 2.85 Lakh*. The most expensive Captain tractor is Captain 280 DI 4WD priced at rs. 4.50 Lakh*. The most popular Captain Tractor models are Captain 120 DI 4WD and Captain 250 DI, in their respective segments.

Captain 120 DI 2 WD
Captain 120 DI
  •  15 HP
  •  624 CC
  •  Single Clutch
  •   2.85 Lac*
Captain 120 DI-4WD 4 WD
Captain 120 DI-4WD
  •  15 HP
  •  624 CC
  •  SINGLE Clutch
  •   3.12 Lac*
Captain 200 DI 2 WD
Captain 200 DI
  •  20 HP
  •  895 CC
  •  SINGLE Clutch
  •   3.50 Lac*
Captain 200 DI-4WD 4 WD
Captain 200 DI-4WD
  •  20 HP
  •  895 CC
  •  Single Clutch
  •   3.65 Lac*
Captain 250 DI 2 WD
Captain 250 DI
  •  25 HP
  •  1290 CC
  •  SINGLE Clutch
  •   3.75 Lac*
Captain 250 DI-4WD 4 WD
Captain 250 DI-4WD
  •  25 HP
  •  1290 CC
  •  SINGLE Clutch
  •   3.95 Lac*
Captain 280 4WD 4 WD
Captain 280 4WD
  •  26 HP
  •  1290 CC
  •   4.30-4.50 Lac*
Captain 273 DI 4 WD
Captain 273 DI
  •  27 HP
  •  1318 CC

About Captain Tractors

Captain Tractors began the production of their tractors in India in 1994, which went on to become the beginning of a golden era for the company. Known as the Chota Tractor in India, captain creates best compact and mini tractors for the farmers of the country. Perfect for the medium farm usage and orchards, Captain has become a leading brand to produce machines in accordance with the needs of the masses. The tractors from the house of Captain are perfect for most of the agricultural usages in Indian fields. Captain produces tractors which are particularly very performing in the Small HP tractor segment. Captain never compromises with the tractor specifications in the name of Compact Tractors and the tractor prices also suit the general masses of the farmer population. On TractorJunction you get all information regarding captain tractor 20 hp price in India and full specifications.

Recently Asked User Questions about Captain Tractor

Q. What is the Captain tractor HP range?

Answer. From 15 hp to 26 hp is the Captain Tractor Hp range.

Q. What is the Captain tractor price range?

Answer. From Rs 2.85 lakh to Rs. 4.50 lakh is the Captain Tractor price range.

Q. Is Captain mini tractor price affordable for Indian farmers?

Answer. Yes, Captain mini tractor price is affordable for Indian farmers.

Q. What is the captain tractor 25 hp price?

Answer. Rs. 3.75 lakh* is the captain tractor 25 hp price.

Q. Is Captain mini tractor best for orchard farming?

Answer. Yes, Captain mini tractor is best for orchard farming.


Captain Mini Tractor Price List 2020 in India

   Captain 120 DI, Mini Tractor    Rs.2.85 Lac*
   Captain 120 DI-4WD    Rs.3.12 Lac*
   Captain 200 DI, 20 HP Tractor    Rs.3.50 Lac*
   Captain 200 DI-4WD, 20 HP    Rs.3.65 Lac*
   Captain 250 DI, 25 HP Tractor    Rs.3.75 Lac*
   Captain 250 DI-4WD, 25 HP     Rs.3.95 Lac*
   Captain 280 4WD     Rs.4.30-4.50 Lac*
Data Last Updated On : 22/02/2020