JK Sona 6.00 X 16(s)

  • Brand JK
  • Model Sona
  • Category Tractor
  • Size 6.00 X 16
  • Tyre Diameter Not Available
  • Tyre Width Not Available
  • Ply Rating Not Available
  • Warranty Not Available

JK Sona 6.00 X 16 Tractor Tyre


Features :
  • Computer aided special 4 r ib tread design
  • Wider tread pattern and higher land : sea ratio
  • Extra rubber for extra mileage
  • Extra reinforced casing
  • Slotted shoulder ribs
Benefits :
  • Excellent performance both in haulage and agricultural use
  • Better stability, better grip and high fuel efficienc y
  • Provides more life during haulage application, gives excellent traction
  • Extra rubber in tread region that gives extra initial mileage
  • High load carrying capacity and better retreadibility

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