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Sonalika Smart Series

Brand Name : Sonalika
Model Name : Smart series
Implement Type : Rotary Tiller / Rotavator
Category : Tillage
Implement Power : 30-50 HP

Sonalika  Smart Series

Overview :  


It is another unique low weight Rotavator made out of Flat Frame surface fitted with a single straight pipe section on the front side the other side is made up of frame sheet bend as a square section.

It is fitted with multispeed gearbox & rotor is fitted with 6 to 12 more blades for doing much better pulverization of soil for preparing seed but while retaining soil moisture.

Its design doesn’t allow ingress of water during ploughing for plantation operation thereby gives better operational life of the implements.

It is suitable for 35 to 60 H.P Tractors & has a three-point linkage of extra strong design.


  • Smooth running with lower HP tractor.
  • Better compatibility with All Make Tractors for 540/1000 PTO RPM on different  Engine RPM.
  • Easy to change one additional set of Gear provided in gear Box Increase / Decrease Rotor Speed for better Pulverization in all conditions and more coverage of land in L-3, L-4 tractor Gear.
  • Higher on a capacity of main Gear and side Gear for better cooling and long life of Gears. 


  • Strong Structure allows the machine to be used in tough condition without any wear & tear.
  • Universal 3 point (Hitch Pyramid)
  •  Side Gear Drive With Oil bath-hardened Gears of Years of trouble free operations under most demanding conditions.
  • Four speed Heavy Duty Gear Box -For different soil conditions, applications and tractor models.
  • Mechanical Face Seals (Duo Con Seal) at both sides of rotor-Perfect sealing from mud & water 
  • 6 blades per flange can accommodate "c & L- Type " blades
  • Adjustable Depth Skid.
  • Power Coating Paint- Excellent resistance to corrosion, maintains the machine in just.
  • Heavy Duty Spring loaded adjustable trailing board- Provides very smooth finish.
  • Soil stopper - to stop soil from spilling outwards.
  • O-Rings used instead of traditional gaskets.
Description Others Smart Series Benefits


Side Gear

Small Housing contain

less oil apx. 1.5 LTR.

                    2`0 LTR.

Large Housing contains

apx. 3.5 LTR.

        4.0 LTR.

More oil capacity means smooth and long running
Size of pinion 30209 30210 Bigger Bearing means more strengh, more life, more durability.
Bearing on other end of the pinion shaft 32207 30210
Bearing on Bevel Gear 30210 32211
Thickness of Blades 6 mm 7 mm More thickness, more life.
Hub Bolts 10 mm 14 mm

                            TECHNICAL SPECIFiCATIONS

Size 5' 5.5' 6' 7'
Size in cm 145 165 185 205
Tractor Power(HP) 30-35 35-40 40-45 45-50
Overall Power (mm) 1618 1818 2018 2218
Tillage Width (mm) 1450 1650 1850 2050
Side Transmission Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive Gear Drive
PTO speed (RPMs) 540 540 540 540
No. of Blades 42 48 54 60


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