Soil Master CT-1300 (10 Feet)

Soil Master CT-1300 (10 Feet) implement

Soil Master

Model Name

CT-1300 (10 Feet)

Implement Type




Implement Power

55 Hp and Above

Soil Master CT-1300 (10 Feet) Description

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Is Soil Master CT-1300 (10 Feet) perfect for farming?

Yes, it provides effective work on the field that makes Soil Master CT-1300 (10 Feet) perfect for farming. It comes under the Cultivator Category. And, it has 55 Hp and Above Implement Power that provides fuel efficient work. It is an implement that comes from the Soil Master brand house known for its superb quality niches.

What is the Soil Master CT-1300 (10 Feet) price?

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Soilmaster Cultivator CT-1300  used for deep plowing in root-infested, sticky, stony, and laborious soils. Soil Master Cultivator is used to handle the toughest ploughing jobs. For very hard soil and ground with giant with giant roots and different obstructions, one will acquire outstanding penetration performance. The beneath frame and unit-to-unit clearances are adequate to deal with trashy conditions. Disc angle will be varied in 3 stages to perform on varied forms of soils. Spring loaded floating rear furrow wheel management the facet draft to make sure straight work and simple handling by smaller tractor.

  • Heavy Duty Tubular Frame
  • Robust Structure
  • Powder Coated Paint
  • Cat 2 Linkage
  • It is directly mounted to other tractors
  • It can be used easily at rocky and rooted areas               



Technical Data

CT - 900

CT - 1100

CT - 1300


75 × 8 mm


Forged EN9 Tyne

Angle Bracket

65 × 12 mm

Side Support

75 × 8 mm Angle


EN - 45, 8 mm Reversible

Frame Bolt

14 × 40 mm

Three Point Linkage

65 × 12 mm


550 mm


2170 mm

2655 mm

3140 mm


540 mm

Approx. Weight

215 kg

250 Kg

285 Kg


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