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Shaktiman Champion Series

Brand Name : Shaktiman
Model Name : Champion series
Implement Type : Rotary Tiller / Rotavator
Category : Tillage
Implement Power : 40 HP & more

Shaktiman  Champion Series

Overview :  

Shaktiman Champion Series Rotary Tiller is the heaviest tiller among the Shaktiman tiller family. Its uniquely designed framework presents high-clearance between the frame and the blades. This facility enables the tiller to break up the hard and dense clod and lumps of soil which saves the possibility of jamming of tiller. Further due to the larger size of blades, thick and well-grounded crop residuals can also be chopped off and mixed in the soil easily and deeper tillage can be achieved. 

This tiller ensures 3 functions at a time: faster tillage, savings in time and increase in productivity. All in all, quality components of this tiller ascertain more satisfaction with less maintenance


» It cuts soil deeper and allows greater soil rotation, whether dry or wet soil, which improves organic structure of the soil.
» It is Suitable for slashing thick and fibrous residuals of crops such as sugarcane, banana, cotton etc. It also mixes them in the soil very well to increase fertility of the soil.
» Its increased thickness of the blades augments lifespan of the blades as well as reduces the cost of rotovation per hectare.
» It can till larger portion of land in comparatively lesser time which would result into savings in diesel


» Technical specifications shown above are of Multi Speed Gear Box and Side Gear Drive Shaktiman Rotary Tiller with 90 mm x 8 mm L-type blades.
» Multi Speed Gear Box and Side Chain Drive Rotary Tiller's weight is approximately 5 kg lesser than the Side Gear Drive Rotary Tiller.
» Weight of Single Speed Gear Box Rotary Tiller is approximately 37 kg lesser than the Multi Speed Gear Box Rotary Tiller.
» All models are installed with adjustable mounting brackets.
» Working depth is adjustable from 4 inches to 12 inches for all models in optimum conditions.
» The spring loaded adjustable trailing board helps achieving better soil-leveling. Most important specifications of the trailing board are its 
shape, rigidity and weight and Shaktiman Champion Rotary Tiller ensures the best of each.
» One of the most important technical specifications of Shaktiman Champion Series Rotary Tiller is rigidity of the unit 
(main body of the double shielded box frame is made of very thick steel sheets). The sturdy structure of the

Technical Specification

Overall Length (mm) 1409 1755 2021 2254 2476 2946 3166 3468
Overall Width (mm) 1017 1266
Overall Height (mm) 1179 1196
Tilling Width (mm / inch) 1260/49.6 1606/63.2 1872/73.7 2105/82.9 2327/91.6 2797/110 3020/118.9 3322/130.8
Tractor Power HP 45-60 50-65 60-75 70-85 80-95 85-100 90-105 105-120
Tractor Power Kw 34-45 37-48 45-56 52-63 60-71 64-75 67-78 78-89
3-Point Hitch Type Cat – II CAT-II & III
Frame Off-set (mm / inch) 29/1.1 117/4.6 9 / 0.4 28 / 1.1 21 / 0.8 8 / 0.3 62 / 2.4 0
No. of Tines (L/C-90×8) 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72
Number of Tines (L/C-80×7) 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72
Standard Tine Construction Curved / Square
Transmission Type Gear / Chain Gear
Max. Working Depth (mm / inch) 225/9
Rotor Tube Diameter (mm / inch) 89/3.5 102/4
Rotor Swing Diameter (mm / inch) 521 / 20.5
Driveline Safety Device Slip Clutch / Shear Bolt
Weight (Kg / lbs) 475/1047 519/1114 567/1250 613/1351 670/1477 737/1624 1006/2217 1052/2319


Number of Blades 30
Working Width 1.12 M
Type of Drive (Gear/Chain) Gear
Speed (Multi/Single) Multi
Type of Blade (L/C/J) L
Weight 469

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