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Lemken Achat 70 - 7 Tine

Brand Name : Lemken
Model Name : Achat 70 - 7 tine
Implement Type : Cultivator
Category : Tillage
Implement Power : 60 HP & more
Implement Price* : 1.40 Lac

Lemken  Achat 70 - 7 Tine

Overview :  

Perfect machine for the stubble cultivation :

Tine Cultivator - A perfect stubble cultivation implement suitable for light and medium soil conditions

Tine cultivator is a perfect solution for stubble cultivation with an objective to provide a thorough and complete mix of soil and straw to the required working depth, incorporation of crop residues and organic fertilizer into the soil.

The advantage of LEMKEN cultivators are...

  • The unique 3 row design of cultivator provides the opportunity to work on the field with lot of weeds/residues on the surface from the previous crop. The arrangement of tines ensures good pulling line.
  • Economical variety of reversible shares with easy attachment for consistently good penetration and improved mixing...

A12 - For shallow working, better mixing & crumbling

A13 - For optimum mixing & crumbling

A6 - For deep loosening.

  • The 340mm roller suitable to deliver the following benefit...

1. Precise depth control without spanner work, the adjustment is made with the pin in a series of holes at the rear of the machine.

2. Efficient crumbling & re-consolidation of soil

3. Uniform distribution of residues & clog free operation.

  • The maintenance free sealed ball bearing gurantees the maximum service life.
  • Overload security system is being provided to prevent the implement from the damages.
  • Achat has a spring loaded levelling bar behind the roller with height & pressure adjustment resulting in optimum land preparation.

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