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Agristar Powervator 6 Feet-42 Blades-718V

Brand Name : Agristar
Model Name : Powervator 6 feet-42 blades-718v
Implement Type : Rotary Tiller / Rotavator
Category : Tillage
Implement Power : 45-55

Agristar  Powervator 6 Feet-42 Blades-718V

Overview :  

6 Feet-42 Blades-718V

  • Multipurpose secondary tillage implement for seedbed preparation. 
  • Removes weed, mixes manure/fertilizer into soil, chops stubbles, breaks clods and levels the field. 
  • Rapid seedbed preparation and reduced draft compared to conventional tillage. 
  • Short turnaround time post harvest for soil preparation for the next crop-cyclewhile ensuring effective usage of soil moisture content. 
  • Best suited for dry and wet land applications, especially for paddy seedbed preparation and sugarcane farming. 
  • Stubbles and roots are completely cropped and mixed with the soil ensuring better mulching. 
  • Seedbed is ready with one or two passes unlike multiple passes required with conventional implements. 


  • Sturdy, versatile and economic implement which combines ploughing, tilling and harrowing operations. 
  • Drive is taken from tractor PTO shaft through cardan shaft. 
  • Imported cardan shaft provided with shear bolt torque de-limiter to prevent excessive torque going into the tractor. 
  • Heavy-duty and high module gear for longer life, quieter and smoother operation 
  • Provision for preloading of Taper Roller Bearing (TRB) in gearbox and side dropdown 
  • Unique tailboard design toavoid mud splash on the driver during puddling 
  • Perfect leveling / seedbed preparation after tilling. 
  • Option of interchangeability between gear-drive and chain-drive. Choice for customer to convert the variant if required. 
  • Superior rotary shafts and blades. High schedule seamless tube and boron steel blades for increased life. 
  • 5-6 inches depth of cut depending on the soil type 


  • Specially designed blades ensure full soil pulverization, mulching and mixing.
  • Sturdy and adjustable leveling board controls pulverization and ensures proper ground level after tilling. 
  • High-grade alloy steel and induction hardened gears and shafts for better load bearing capacity and durability. 
  • Multipurpose implement for farm applications. 
  • Suitable for varied soil types and available in both - soft soil and hard soil versions.

Product Specification

Model 718V
Version Soft Soil
Number of Blades 42
Working Width 1800 mm
Type of Drive (Gear/Chain) Gear
Speed (Multi/Single) Multi
Type of Blade (L/C/J) L
Weight 395 kg
hp Required 45-55

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