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Comfortable one-man earth auger with vibration-reducing handles. Includes innovative QuickStop drill brake, which brings to a halt as soon as the drill jams in the ground. Particularly suitable for a large variety of purposes, from drilling simple holes in the ground to taking soil samples. Extensive choice in drilling tools for holes up to 200 mm in diameter.;


STIHL ElastoStart
  • STIHL ElastoStart reduces the shock caused by the compression of the engine during starting. The compression shock is taken away from the user's joints and muscles through a spring or rubber element in the starter handle.
Long-life air filter system
  • Long-life air filter system reduces the frequency of filter cleaning required.
Multi-function handle
  • All operating elements for the engine control are integrated into the right-hand handle. The machine is operated by finger pressure so that your hand remains in a working position.
Additional stop switch on handlebar
  • Additional stop switch on handlebar for additional safety, so that the engine can be shut down by operating either the stop switch on the powerhead or the stop switch on the handlebar.


तकनीकी विनिर्देश

Displacement  30, 8cm³
Power output 1,3/1,8 kW/PS
Weight 1) 9,4 kg
Sound pressure level 2) 103 dB(A)
Sound power level 2) 109 dB(A)
Vibration level left/right 3) 2,2/2,5 m/s²


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