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Drive Mechanism  Self Propelled
Operator Protection Control (O.P.C.) / Engine Brake Mow Safe Technolgy
Cutting Height Range (in mm) 11 Stages, (16-76)
Fuel Tank Capcity (in Litres) 70




तकनीकी विनिर्देश

Tehcnical Specification 
1. Drive Mechanism  Self Propelled  Three Stage Self Propelled drive helps in reducing effort required to mow, gives a uniform cut and also saves time
2. Operator Protection Control (O.P.C.) / Engine Brake Mow Safe Technolgy Stops the blade and the engine within 3 seconds upon release of the lever, Increased user and Passers by Safety
3. Rear Safety Shield Improved features Superior catching performance, Enhanced life and user safety
4. Fuel Tank Capcity (in Litres) 1.5 Fewer stops with bigger fuel tank cap
5. Snorkel Air Filter New Feature Provides superior engine protection in harsh and dusty conditions
6. Deck Newly designed Aluminium Ally Dec Prevents Rust and corrosion with improved cutting and catching performance
7. Swing Back Blades Proven Swing back blade system Superior cutting, engine protection and ease in maintenance
8. Discharge Guard New Rear Discharge guard Enables rear discharge of grass clippings and saves time from frequent emptying of grass catcher
9. Grass Catcher Dust Direction Technology Keeps the dust away from the operatos face, easy emptying whilst extending the life of the bag
10. Handle Grip Improved tube diameter Improved comfort and durability
11. Handle folding Improved locking and pivoting system Ease in transportation and storage
12. Engine Model / Displacement (in cc) GXV 160 / 163 'Honda' 4 stroke OHV engine delivering more poewer and unmatched fuel efficiency
13. Cutting Width (in Inches/mm) 21/530 Wider Cutting diameter
14. Cutting Height Adjustment Single Lever Improved design makes height adjustment easy
15. Cutting Height Range (in mm) 11 Stages, (16-76) Wide spectrum of cutting height available
16. Grass Catcher Capacity (in Litres) 70 Fewer Stops with huge 7. lityer dacron grass catcher


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