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Ks group Combine Harvester Ks 9300 - crop master

Brand Name : Ks group
Model Name : Ks 9300 - crop master
Type : Ashok leyland al 412 tac (turbo charged) bharat stage iii
Cutter Bar – Width : 14.10 feet
Engine Type : 4
Power Source : Self Propelled
Crop : Multicrop

Ks group KS 9300 - Crop Master

Overview :  

KS 9300 Crop Master - Self Propelled Combine Harvester, is the best harvester machine available in India with a state of the art engineering technology for your agriculture fields, this is a power machine with a Ashok Leyland Engine, one of the most Sophisticated machine with specially designed outer cutter bar which can Harvester fallen Crop, Heavy Duty gear with 1312 Big Clutch Plates, cutter gear for blades Movement, KS 9300 comes with six straw walker for better Grain Separation, and last but not the least a perfect Computer Balanced Machine as all the rotatory parts balanced independently.

Ideal For Harvesting of:

  • Wheat.
  • Paddy.
  • Sunflower.
  • Soyabean.
  • Grams & Pulses.

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KS 9300 Crop Master - Self Propelled Combine Harvester is Powered by ASHOK LEYLAND AL 412 TAC (Turbo Charged) Bharat Stage III, Four Stroke, Water Cooled, Direct Injection, Powerful & Fuel  Efficient Diesel Engine.

Special Features :

  • Ensures prompt efficient after sale service
  • Single sheet tail cover.
  • Folding elevator box for easy maintenance.

  • Sheet channel type light weight reel.

  • Double paddle hydraulic brake for easy turning.

  • Specially designed cutterbar can harvest fallen crop.

  • For safety side cover provided.

  • Powered by Ashok Leyland.

  • Heavy duty gear with 1312 big clutch plates.

  • Cutter gear for better grain separation.

  • Safe straw walker for better grain separation.

  • Safe & decorate operator cabin.

  • Manufactured with the help of KS AGROTECH PRIVATE LIMITED. (An ISO-9001:2008 Certified Unit).

  • Free tool and spare part kit with harvest.

  • All rotating parts balanced by computerised balancing machine.

Type Straw Walker
Crop Multicrop
Length(mm) 8490
Width(mm) 6335
Height(mm) 3730
Weight (kg) 8500
Cutting Capacity Wheat 3-4 Acre per hour, Paddy 2-3 Acre per hour
Length(mm) 12030
Width(mm) 2920
Height(mm) 3730
Front 18-4-30
Rear 8-25-16
Engine Modal ASHOK LEYLAND AL 412 TAC (Turbo Charged) Bharat Stage III
Cooling System WATER COOLED
No of cylinder 4
NO of Straw Walker 5
No of steps 6
Cutter Bar – Effective Width 14.10 Feet
Cleaning Type 8

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