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John Deere  W70 Grain harvester  harvester

John Deere W70 Grain Harvester

  • Brand : John Deere
  • Model Name : W70 Grain harvester
  • Type : John Deere 4039, Turbo Charged
  • Power : 100 HP
  • Cutter Bar – Width : 14 Feet
  • Engine Type : 4
  • Power Source : Self Propelled
  • Crop : Multicrop
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The new age Indian farmer aspires for global standards of farm productivity. A journey in which timely harvesting and preparing the land for next crop is critical, John Deere's Combine Harvester Model W70 provides a complete solution to these challenges.

Now, farmers can experience freedom from Increasing labour costs, dependence on timely availability of labour and harvesting losses, resulting into higher output every season.

Key Features 

Posi Torque Drive : The W70 combine harvester has a variator ground drive with posi torque mechanism. This mechanism helps the harvester to work even in moist and undulating fields, offering easy maneuverability.

On the other side of the combine there is a posi torque unit which operates mechanically. This helps in varying the rotor speed, so even if there is a sudden increase of crop coming into the thresher, the thresher does not choke.

Self-Cleaning Radiator : Self-Cleaning Radiator is one of the unique features in John Deere Combine Harvester. It enhances engine life by avoiding radiator choking. The suction duct provided, releases chaff or other foreign material normally held on the surface of the screen by suction mechanism. Hence, no manual cleaning of the radiator is required.

Electrically Operated Header Reel Speed : This combine harvester is equipped with an advanced instrument panel with digital meters which give the operator a clear view while harvesting. Header reel speed is electrically controlled with the help of a switch located on this panel. Easy to operate and saves time & money.

Adjustable Cutter Bar : The cutter bar is suitable for all crops as it can be adjusted at mid, extended and retracted positions.

Retracted position : For crops that are down and tangled, wet or having heavy weeds that may cause plugging.

Extended position : For standing, tall, heavy-stemmed crops such as grain sorghum, tall wheat and soybeans.

Mid position : Suitable for most crops and conditions. 

6 Bat Reel : Ensures even loading, hence avoiding clogging of crop material.

Adjustable Floating Drum Type Feeder House : This Combine Harvester has an adjustable floating drum which allows adjustments in height as per the crop mat coming from header. This reduces choking and maximizes smooth flow of crop.

Beater & Beater Grate : Eight wing large diameter beater & beater grate provide excellent material handling and increases threshing capacity significantly. It can be easily set to perform in a wide range of crops and conditions.

Tilt Steering and Adjustable Operator Seat : Seat and steering column can be adjusted as per operator’s requirements, which results in comfortable driving and less fatigue, even during long hours of operation.

Lightweight Machine : This lightweight, compact machine can also work effectively in moist field conditions. It causes less compaction of soil, thus enhancing farm productivity.

John Deere  W70 Grain Harvester  specifications
Key Specification 
Type Straw Walker
Crop Multicrop
Working Dimensions 
Ground Clearance(mm) 454
Transport Dimensions 
Length(mm) 8190
Height(mm) 3400
Width(mm) 4468
Front 16.9x30
Rear 7.5x16
Engine Modal John Deere 4039, Turbo Charged
Cooling System Coolent
No of cylinder 4
Power 100 HP
Rated RPM 2100
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 240 Lt.
Cutter Bar – Effective Width 14 Feet
Threshing System Rasp bar & Spike tooth
Cleaning Area (sq. mt) 2.45 m?
Grain Tank Capacity 2.7 m?

Disclaimer:- *The information and features are as on the date those are shared by John Deere or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest John Deere dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest John Deere Tractor dealer.