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Kubota HARVESKING DC - 68G harvester


  • Brand : Kubota
  • Model Name : HARVESKING DC - 68G
  • Type : V2403-M-DI-TE-CS1T
  • Power : 60
  • Cutter Bar – Width : 900 x 1903 MM
  • Engine Type : 4
  • Power Source : Self Propelled
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Excellent Operational Efficiency

Single Maneuvering Lever

Such frequently used actions as making turns and adjusting Cutting Height require only simple movements of the maneuvering Lever with the right hand.

HST Transmissin

The simple stepless movements f the HST (Hyro-Static Transmission) Lever realizes the ideal speed for the specific conditions of job-at-hand.In addition switching the direction of movement between forward and Reverse is easily accomplished.

Optimal performance in a Variety of Conditions

In conditins of deep paddies featuring wider crawlers and light-weight bdy can harvest while making turns contributing to minimum idling time Further ,fallen crops are easily handled.

Harvesting at corners in deep paddies

Powerful and Speedy

world renowned Kubota Diesal Engine featuring enhanced fuel efficiency and envirnmentally-friendly performance.

Large Capacity Grain Tank

The two formidable features - the Large Capacity Grain Tank and 235 Degree Swing Unloading Auger - significantly improve overall operational efficiency without any need to repeat discharging job frequently . A standard feature, the large - capacity 1250L (750kg) Green tank makes it possible to efficiently harvest grain for longer periods of time even in large fields.

Easy Unloading

The simple stepless movements f the HST (Hyro-Static Transmission) Lever realizes the ideal speed for the Conveniently located to the right rear side of the operator are the Unloading Auger Swing Switch the Unloading Auger Up/Down Switch.

Easy and Speedy Unloading

As the Grain Tank canbe discharged in just 1 minute and 30 seconds when full operations are resumed quickly with minimal downtime.

Minimum surface pressure to the crawler

140mm wide (70mm x 2)

Enhanced width and thickness contributes to high abrasion resistance performance.

Wider, Longer & Thicker  Crawler For Long-Term Durability

Increased thickness as well as stiffness of crawlers realize high durability for the part on which track roller passes.

Highly Durable Transmission

Enlarging the area that gears are engaged contributes to minimized pressure to gear teeth.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Wide-Opening Threshing Cylinder Top Cover

The Wide-Opening Threshing Cylinder Top Cover makes access to the Threshing Teeth and Deflectors for inspection and/or replacement exceptionally simple without the use of any tools.

The Screw Plates, Deflectors, and the Front Frame are not only made of Wear-resistant materials, but they are also replaceable.

Slide-Type Sieve Case Easily Detached and Reattached

Being of the slide-type, the sieve Case is so easily detached and reattached that inspecting and cleaning its internal portions can be accomplished in minimal time without problem.

Concave Easily Detached

with the Threshing Cylinder Top Cover open , the concave is eaily detached for inspection and cleaning.

Harvesting at corners in deep paddies

Newly Designed Radiator Section: Increased radiation amount and enhanced cooling performance.The dust cover adjusts and equalizes the amount of air to the radiator contributing to minimized dust entering.

Readily-Opened Treshing Cylinder side Cover: As the Threshing Cylinder Side Cover easily opened, cleaning the surface of the Chaffer Sieve is uncomplicated and simple to complete.

Readily-Opened Protective Dust Cover:Inspecting and cleaning the Radiator is easy due to the fact that the Protective Dust Cover is readily opened without ever requiring the use of any tools.

Working Dimensions 
Length(mm) 4800
Width(mm) 2245
Height(mm) 2800
Ground Clearance(mm) 325
Weight (kg) 3200
Crawler/Belt Length (mm) 1800
Engine Modal V2403-M-DI-TE-CS1T
Cooling System WATER COOLED
No of cylinder 4
Power 60
Cutter Bar – Effective Width 900 x 1903 MM
Cutting Height Range (mm) -19-800
Cleaning Type Oscilating / 3 Way Air Stream Cleaning System
Grain Tank Capacity 1250 Lt.

Disclaimer:- *The information and features are as on the date those are shared by Kubota or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest Kubota dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest Kubota Tractor dealer.