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Compare New Holland 3600-2TX VS John Deere 5045 D


New Holland 3600-2TX VS John Deere 5045 D Comparison

Wish to compare New Holland 3600-2TX and John Deere 5045 D, Find out which tractor is best for you.The Price of New Holland 3600-2TX is 6.80-7.15 lac whereas John Deere 5045 D is 6.25-6.60 lac. The HP of New Holland 3600-2TX is 50 HP and John Deere 5045 D is 45 HP. The Engine of New Holland 3600-2TX 2931 CC and John Deere 5045 D CC.
No. Of Cylinder
HP Category 50 45
Capacity 2931 CC N/A
Engine Rated RPM 2500 2100
Cooling Water Cooled Coolant Cooled with overflow reservoir
Air Filter Oil Bath Type Dry type, Dual Element
Type Constant Mesh Collarshift
Clutch Double Clutch with Independent PTO Lever Single / Dual (Optional)
Gear Box 8 Forward + 2 Reverse 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Battery 100AH 12 V 88 AH
Alternator 55 Amp 12 V 40 A
Forward Speed 34.5 kmph 2.83 - 30.92 kmph
Reverse Speed 17.1 kmph 3.71 - 13.43 kmph
Brakes Mechanically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes Oil Immersed Disc Brakes
Type Power Power
Steering Column N/A N/A
Power Take Off
Type GSPTO Independent, 6 Spline
RPM 540 [email protected]/2100 ERPM
Fuel Tank
Capacity 60 litre 60 litre
Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor
Total Weight 2055 KG 1810 KG
Wheel Base 2035 MM 1970 MM
Overall Length 3450 MM 3410 MM
Overall Width 1815 MM 1810 MM
Ground Clearance 445 MM 415 MM
Turning Radius With Brakes 3190 MM 2900 MM
Lifting Capacity 1700 1600 Kgf
3 point Linkage Automatic Depth and Draft Control, Mixed Control, Lift-O-Matic with height limiter, Response Control, Isolator Valve, 24 Points Sensitivity Automatic depth and Draft Control
Wheels And Tyres
Wheel drive 2 2
Front 6.50x16 / 7.50x16* 6.00 x 16
Rear 14.9x28 / 16.9x28* 13.6 x 28
Accessories Tools, Bumpher, Ballast Weight, Top Link, Canopy, Hitch, Drawbar Ballast Weight, Hitch, Canopy
Options RPTO, Adjustable Front Axle, Adjustable Seat
Additional Features Mobile charger , Oil Immersed Disc Brakes - Effective and efficient braking, Wider Operator Area - More space for the operator Collarshift type gear box, Finger gaurd, PTO NSS, Water separator, Underhood exhaust muffler
Warranty 6000 Hours or 6 Year 5000 Hours/ 5 Year
Status Launched Launched
Price Get on road price Get on road price
PTO HP 45 38.2
Fuel Pump Rotary N/A
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