Why we use Tractor Driven Cultivator for ploughing nowadays?


Farming is the process of working the ground, planting seeds, and growing good to eat plants. The hardest work of a farmer is to loosen the soil so farmers use cultivator to loosen the soil, it eases their work.

The basic applications used in farming are as follows. ploughing of soil, sowing, adding manure and fertilizers, irrigation, harvesting and storage.

Why cultivation is important?

Farmers use cultivators for ploughing to loosen the upper surface of the soil, also used for removing unwanted plants from land and also used for distributing the equal amount of fertilizer in each part of the land.

So now Tractorjuntion is going to tell you about the functioning of cultivator, So the basic use of cultivator is to improve the quality of the soil before seeding it, as we all know that the condition of the soil is very bad before the cultivation and in that environment, the seeds can’t be planted in soil. There are many advantages of cultivating your field before planting seeds such as it increases the fertility of soil, increases the production of crops and growing healthy crop is the motive of every farmer so that they can earn money in good amount.

Land cultivation methods

So basically there are two methods of cultivation widely used by farmers for increasing their production on land and they are as follows.

1. Extensive Cultivation:- In extensive cultivation, farmers use a large number of lands, which are cultivated with very less amount of capital and labour and the amount of output her hector is produced is relatively less than intensive cultivation.

2. Intensive Cultivation:- Intensive Cultivation is just opposite of extensive cultivation, farmers use more amount of capital, labour and advanced technologies to increase their productivity and there hard is also successful because the output is relatively huge.

5 Uses of cultivator

  • Soil inflate

The most important work or a cultivator is to loosen the surface of soil and break the hard lumps on the surface with the help of cultivator metal tines.

This also helps in getting soil healthy by spreading the nutrients in every corner of the field; it also helps in proper distribution of fertilizers and yes for best results use the cultivator when the soil is properly dry and not wet.

  • Fertilization

Cultivator is best for distribution of organic compost and synthetic fertilizers which help in feeding the plants roots in the fields.
It mixes all the fertilizers into the field, which helps them to grow healthier and faster it also prevents the wastage of fertilizer mix-up when we distribute it with hands it get washed away wind and rain so use cultivator to prevent this.

  • Weed control

When we grow the crop some unwanted plants also grow with the useful crop, so the process of removing the unwanted plants from the fields is known as weeding process. Cultivator helps in removing the unwanted plants from the fields.

  • Better productivity

By using cultivator for loosening the soil on the fields, it promises improved productivity of the crops and it also ensures the increased value of the land.

It mix-up the fertilizers so well which helps plants to grow healthier and faster, also increases the profits of the farmers in comparison of previous time now a day’s many farmers are using cultivators for ploughing because of the increased productivity of the crops.

  • Reduce manpower

If we talk about the ancient time most of the farmers were doing the ploughing by themselves and it results in less productivity, more manpower and more quantity of fertilizers were also consumed on fields but the results were not so good on base of the power is consumed.

But now in modern farming farmers use cultivator for ploughing which helps them to increase productivity and profits, also helps in the reduction of manpower on the fields.

Various types of cultivators

These are the list of various kinds of cultivators farmers use for ploughing:-

  • Spring Tyne Cultivator
  • Rigid Tine Cultivator
  • Rigid Tyne Shovel Type Cultivator
  • Bar Point Cultivator


A cultivator is the need of farmers nowadays hence it eases their work and ensures increased productivity and profits, saves their time. So if you want to increase the productivity use cultivator for ploughing.

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