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Top Parts of Tractors – List of Tractor Parts & Accessories

Top Parts of Tractors - List of Tractor Parts & Accessories

Tractor is a must-have machinery for a modern farmer, and it consists of numerous parts. Therefore, it is crucial to get an understanding of these parts for tractor and how they work. However, a large number of Indian farmers know the functioning and operation of a farm tractor. But everyone is not aware of this, so let’s know about tractor parts names and their working mechanism.

To know about the operation and functioning of tractor parts, we first need to understand the types of tractors, as different tractors have different functions according to their power. 

Types Of Farm Tractors 

Types Of Farm Tractors 
Farmers mostly use three types of tractors in India, and their tractor parts are readily available. This is because of the similarity between the following three tractors. 

Utility Tractors

Utility Tractors

These tractors are the most preferred choice among Indian farmers. The general HP range of these tractors lies between 40 to 100 HP. Moreover, these tractors are used to perform farming activities such as ploughing. Utility tractors are also used to lift heavily weighted implements. You can visit Tractor Junction to buy the best New tractors for your field.

Compact Tractors / Mini Tractors

Mini Tractors

These tractors are also known as garden tractors, as they are used in small farms. Apart from this, mini tractors’ HP range is below 30 HP, and they require less space to operate. Also, you can buy a top-notch mini tractor at a reasonable price to boost farming.

Walking Tractors / Power Tillers


Power Tillers

Walking tractors are also called hand-operated tractors, which can perform various farming tasks such as weeding, ploughing, spraying and mulching in one go. Power tillers are easily accessible to everyone and have a lot of applications in fields. Moreover, you can buy a top-class power tiller at Tractor Junction for high production.

Now that we know about various tractors let’s see the essential parts needed to run a tractor. 

Necessary Parts For Tractors

If you want to know how each tractor part works and its importance, follow this blog until the end.



As we all know, an engine is the heart of an automobile, and all the power is generated through this piece of component. Moreover, there is a wide variety of engines, but tractors need Internal Combustion engines, i.e. IC engines. As the name suggests, in internal combustion engines, the combustion takes place inside the engine cylinder. Also, parts of a tractor engine include cylinders and pistons, which are powered through combustion to provide 15 to 100 HorsePower to the engine. Without an engine, neither a tractor nor any automobile can work.


Drivetrain is the group of components which work together to provide motion to the vehicle; in our case, the tractor. The components of the drivetrain include transmission, axle, driveshaft, differential and wheels. Also, you can visit the New Holland tractor parts price list because New Holland tractor offers some of the best tractor parts.

Following is a brief description of all the main parts of the tractor drivetrain: 


The transmission consists mainly of 2 parts; a Clutch and Gearbox.



It is an essential component which transmits the engine power to the transmission. Moreover, it also disconnects the transmission from the engine when required—changing the gears while driving is necessary to prevent the engine from choking. Thus, using a tractor with a smooth clutch and multiple clutch options, such as single and dual clutch is vital. Furthermore, you can use any Mahindra tractor model because Mahindra tractor parts are accessible to everyone.


Gearbox defines the available speed options and comprises a particular number of gears, which work in a specific ratio to provide proper grip and traction. Also, gears are essential when the speed of the tractor is increased or decreased. 


Driveshaft is a mechanical part to transmit torque and rotation. It works by rotating itself, and the power is transferred ahead to give movement to the tractor.


The axle is a structural component of the tractor to support the weight of the tractor. Therefore, it needs correct design as this part experiences the challenging loading conditions of the tractor. Moreover, an axle is a central shaft for a rotating gear or wheel.


Differential is a gear system that allows each drive wheel (the wheels to which motion is transferred from the engine) on the same axle to rotate at different speeds when the tractor is turning. Also, it converts the axis of rotation to move the tractor properly. 



A wheel is a circular object with a hub, and a rim as the main components revolve around the axle to offer movement easily over the ground. Without the wheels, the tractors will not move at all.

Braking System 

Braking System

When any vehicle moves, it is crucial to have a mechanism for the stoppage of that vehicle. This is where the braking system comes into play. It comes with different options, such as dry discs or oil-immersed brakes. Furthermore, the brakes of a tractor should function appropriately for better field performance. In addition, you can choose a Swaraj tractor which has effective braking, as the swaraj tractor parts price list is easily available.

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Power Take Off 

Power Take Off

A tractor is useless without an ideal take-off power. It is crucial for all kinds of farming activities. The engine generates take-off power and transmits it to implements by the PTO shaft. 

Accessories Of Tractors

Accessories Of Tractors

A farm tractor is a valuable asset for a farmer as it is utilised with numerous accessories. These accessories also list under tractor parts names and include:

  • Canopy
  • Trailer Hook
  • Drawbar and many others

Moreover, tractor accessories come under additional tools, and a tractor can be operated without them. But, the above-mentioned components are essential for a tractor’s proper and safe functioning. Additionally, farmers use Sonalika tractor, as the sonalika tractor parts price list is easily available.


These were the most critical parts for tractor. However, we have provided you with all the necessary details regarding the working and maintenance of a farming tractor and a complete tractor parts name list. If you need to learn more about the operation of a tractor, visit Tractor Junction app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que. What are the major components of a tractor drivetrain?

Ans. The transmission, axle, driveshaft, differential and wheels all make up a tractor’s drivetrain.

Que. What is the difference between a powertrain and a drivetrain?

Ans. The drivetrain includes all the parts to transmit motion to the vehicle except the engine. In contrast, the powertrain has all the drivetrain components, and the engine is also included. 

Que. What parts to check before using a farm tractor?

Ans. Check the wheels, fluids, fuel and tire pressure before operating a farming tractor. 

Que. Where can I get tractor accessories with complete details?

Ans. You can get the best-quality tractor accessories at Tractor Junction at reasonable prices.

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