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Top 10 Agriculture States in India – Largest Crop Producing States!

Top 10 Agriculture States in India

The Top Agriculture States in India 

Agriculture in India is the essence of livelihood for around 58% of the population. Agriculture States in India growing with super quality food grains and other food items. The Indian agriculture industry is increasing at a high pace and continuously providing its contribution to world trade. India’s grocery and food market is the 6th largest globally, with 70% of the sales.

With developing India, agriculture is evolving continuously at the same pace. The pattern of production and consumption of food is changing. For some years, in India, an increase in population, an increase in Income, rural/urban migration, and extension in rural per capita productivity has been recorded. With the enhancement of all these factors, demand for the food increased too.

India’s per capita GDP is supposed to rise by 320% in the coming 20 years. With time changing, the trend is remolding too. Indians are now consuming high-quality foods, and focus is switching from plant-based protein to animal-based protein. All thanks to enhancing obtainable incomes and quickly increasing consumer requirements. We are here with the top 10 Agriculture States in India.

Top Crops Producing States of India


Top 10 Crops Producing States of India

Here we are going to show agricultural production in India state wise. From that you get proper information regarding major crops of India. Let’s have a look on the top 10 agriculture states in India .  

1. West Bengal 

West Bengal is the largest food grain producing state in India

West Bengal is the largest food grain producing state in India. It is known for its rice production, followed by Andera Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. With rice production, it is famous for jute, sesamum, tobacco, and tea too. In West Bengal, rice’s total production is 146.05 lakh tons on 2600 kilograms per hectare yield. It comes under rice producing states in India. West Bengal is engaged in fruit production, including Mango, Litchi, Pineapple, Guava, and Orange.

West Bengal is rich with food commodities, they produced almost all the items, Cauliflower, Tomato, Cucurbits, Cabbage, Okra, and Brinja. Rice, jute, and wheat are the main crops grown in West Bengal. In West Bengal, some spices produced Chilli, Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, and Turmeric. West Bengal comes under the top most agriculture states in India.

2. Uttar Pradesh 

Uttar Pradesh top farming state in India for bajra

Uttar Pradesh comes under the top farming state in India and the rank of Uttar Pradesh counted under major state wise crop production in India, bajra, rice, sugarcane, food grains, and many more. It comes under the top wheat producing states in India, followed by Haryana, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has 22.5 million tons of wheat, and the weather condition is appropriate for growing wheat. On 96 lakh hectares, land used to grow wheat in Uttar Pradesh. 

Uttar Pradesh is the largest hub for the sugarcane, and sugarcane is the most produced crop globally. Sugarcane grows under hot and humid climate conditions, and Uttar Pradesh is best for that. It has 145.39 million tons of sugarcane and grows on 2.17 million hectares in the state.

3. Punjab 

Punjab is best to produce wheat - Top Agriculture State in India

Punjab is the most fertile state on earth. It is best to produce wheat, sugarcane, rice, vegetables, and fruits in Punjab. Punjab’s other name is the Granary of India and India’s breadbasket. Around 93% of the total productive land used to produce food grain. In Punjab, most of the area covered by wheat and paddy cultivation. And this area increases over the year. 

Punjab is the 3rd largest farming crop producing state in India. It is known for its irrigation system and these are appropriate for farming. Punjab is the 3rd largest producer of food grains too. 

4. Gujarat

Gujarat is Top Agriculture State in India for Cotton

Gujarat is the fastest growing state in India. this state adopted a wise development pattern. They invested in agriculture, energy, and industry, for that they achieved a double digit growth. Gujarat’s weather climate is variable, producing crops there is difficult. One strategy farmers can adopt there is to manipulate crop environments by advanced management for high yield. 

Gujarat produced cotton, groundnut, castor, bajra, tur, green gram, sesamum, paddy, maize, and sugarcane. And Gujarat produced cotton in a large scale, followed by Karnataka, Maharashtra, and  Telangana. Here groundnut grew too. 

5. Haryana

Haryana is Top Agriculture State in India for sugarcane

And the next farming state is Haryana. Haryana is one of the biggest contributors to agriculture. About 70% of the locals engaged in agriculture. Haryana plays an important role in the Green Revolution in India. With all these, Haryana has a massive irrigation system. 

Some top crops produced in Haryana are sugarcane, paddy, wheat, and sunflower. And in India, it is the 2nd largest producer of sunflower. Haryana involved in livestock farming too. There are 99.97 lakh livestock populations in India. India consumes milk products on a daily basis. It is a necessary diet. This comes under one of the top Agriculture States in India. 

6. Madhya Pradesh 

Madhya Pradesh is Top Agriculture State in India for Wheat and maize

Madhya Pradesh is known for its pulses production, followed by Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. It is popular for soybean and garlic production too. Madhya Pradesh earned significant fame in pulse farming. Wheat and maize are the main sources of the earning of farmers in Madhya Pradesh. And other pulses are urad, soybean, and tur. 

Madhya Pradesh has the largest area, for that they have different climate and soil conditions best for a wide range of agriculture products. The agriculture sector of Madhya Pradesh is the backbone of the Indian economy. Madhya Pradesh Agriculture sector produced 65% of the employment, and it is ¼ of the GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product).

7. Assam

Assam is popular for its tea - Top Agriculture State in India

Assam is highly dependent on agriculture in India. In comparison with other states, Assam comes under the least developed states. Assam’s almost economy is based on agriculture, and 70% of the population is dependent on agriculture income for livelihood. Tea consumed on a regular basis all over the world after water. 

Assam is popular for its tea production. It is the largest producer of tea in India, followed by Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, and other North Indian states. The most famous types of tea in India are Nilgiri tea, Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, and Kangra tea. Assam grew 52% of the total tea production in India. 


8. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is Top Agriculture State in India for Rice

In Andhra Pradesh, 62% of the population engaged in agriculture. There is more focus paid on rice production. Andhra Pradesh contributes 77% of crop production in India. And more crops are jowar, bajra, maize, ragi, tobacco, pulses, sugarcane, and others. 

In Andhra Pradesh, from 1.5 million hectares of land used for horticulture. And from this allotted land nearly 720 thousand hectares used for fruit production. 

9. Karnataka

Karnataka Top Agriculture States in India for Rabi Crops

In Karnataka, agriculture is the most important part of the overall economy. Most of the population of the state is engaged in farming. The weather climate of Karnataka greatly supports agriculture. Karnataka’s Kharif crops are rice, maize, moong dal, red chili, sugarcane, groundnut, soybean, turmeric, and cotton. Karnataka’s rabi crops are mustard, sesamum, barley, wheat, and peas. Karnataka comes under the top Agriculture States in India. 

The state is popular for its coffee production, and it contributed 70% of the total production in India. Karnataka grew 222300 metric tons of coffee. 

10. Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is Top Agriculture State in India for Rice

Chhattisgarh is popular for the Rice Bowl of Central India. Some of the crops that are produced in Chhattisgarh are rice, millets, and maize. In Chhattisgarh, 77% of the area used for rice production. Chhattisgarh is totally dependent on the rain. Only 20% of the total region is under irrigation. 

  • Fruit Crops – Lime, Cashew-nut, Guava, Cheku, Mango and etc. 
  • Vegetables Crops – Cucurbits, Cabbage, Beans, Cauliflower etc.
  • Spices – Ginger, Turmeric, Methi, Coriander, Chili, Garlic etc. 
  • Flowers – Marry-gold, Gladiolus, Gaillardia, Gladiolus etc.
  • Medicinal Plants – Jamarosa, E.citridora, Pamarosa, Lemongrass etc. 

Some Government Schemes for Farmers in India

Farmers called in India “Annadata”. The Government of India continuously supports farmers, and they initiated many programs and schemes for them. Indian government always works to boost the agriculture sector. We are showing a list of some government schemes for farmers. 

Indian Agriculture Facts 

Indian Agriculture Facts


  • India is the second agricultural production country in the world. 
  • And India is on the eight ranks of the world’s export. 
  • India is the largest milk producer country and 2nd largest in fruit production. 
  • 60% of the Indian population engaged in the agriculture sector. 
  • Small and marginal farmers of India engaged in horticulture and livestock. 

These are all about major crops in India state wise or top agriculture states in India. I hope all your doubts got cleared after reading this blog. For more updates, stay tuned with TractorJunction

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