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10 Best Agricultural Power Sprayer in India

Top 10 Agricultural Power Sprayer Machines in India

Agricultural power sprayer machine is a farming and landscaping device used to spray manure over plants, fields, climbers and shrubs. By utilizing these power sprayers, you can improve crop productivity to a large extent. In addition, users can use it for diffusing pesticides, fungicides, pyrethrins, etc. farmers choose power sprayer for agriculture because it gives productivity in less time, and the spray pump price comes under the cost-effective range. 

Along with this you can get 34 power sprayers at Tractor Junction. You can buy one of them at a price range from Rs 1399 to Rs 20999. These sprayers come in different types of dimensions. 

Most farmers in India do farming in traditional ways. Due to this, they get less production. As a result, their income begins decreasing. But time changes now farmers want modern agriculture sprayer which increases their income. Hence, the farmer develops his crop production by working with the help of current resources and automatic farming machinery. Smart farming operators are making good profits by using new cultivation tools made with modern technology, increasing their income. The spray machine price is available in the market at an affordable range for farmers. 

Top 10 Power Sprayer for Agriculture

Sprayer is a tool, which is used to spray insecticides, pesticides to the crop. Here we are describing 10 types of sprayers in agriculture which assist you to buy the best sprayer. 

Types of Sprayers in Agriculture

1. Neptune PBS-13 PLUS

 Neptune PBS-13 PLUS

Neptune PBS-13 PLUS used in agriculture and by the help of this fertilizer pump sprayer farmer can easily remove insecticides on crops in fields. The tank capacity of the agricultural power sprayer is 7 Ltr/ min, which is quite large. Sprayers are extensively used in farming, horticulture, sericulture, plantations, conservation, gardens etc. Therefore, they are a multi-purpose farming tool. The power spray pump weight is 7.5 kg and the price is Rs 3899. Apart from this, they can also be utilized for the cleanliness of the environment. Moreover, this sprayer is efficient and makes your spraying process easy. Hence, the demand for this sprayer increases with time and makes a special place among the farmers. 

Technical Specification

  • Battery Type – 12V/12AH
  • Pressure – 0.3-0.8 Mpa
  • Tank Design – Portable type
  • Size – 38.2*21*48.5 cm
  • Output – 7 Ltr/min
  • Weight – 7.5

2. Neptune Rocker 

Neptune Rocker

The Neptune Rocker model is known for high performance and high durability. Sprayers in agriculture are suitable for both indoor and outdoor tasks. An agricultural power sprayer is a sturdy machine that can sustain even the harsh working conditions. In addition, the fertilizer sprayer is easy to handle and simple to operate. The agriculture spray pump is convenient for any crop. Agricultural sprayer pump is available in the market at Rs. 5199, which is affordable for farmers. 

Technical Specification

  • Weight – 10520g
  • Dimensions – 99.5 x 17.5 x 21 cm

3. Neptune Foot 

Neptune Foot

Neptune Foot is a very popular sprayer and is ideal for spraying on plantations and farms in hilly terrain. Agricultural power sprayer is the best sprayer in agriculture with 9260g weight and 103*19*14 cm dimensions. The Neptune Foot Sprayer is remarked with ISI Marked Sprayer and efficient for spraying on tall trees & long distance spraying. This agriculture power sprayer pump is assembled with a sturdy M.S. frame. It comes with a detachable pressure vessel with high capacity with easy maintenance. The Neptune Foot spray machine price in India is very affordable which starts from Rs. 5199. 

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions – 103*19*14 cm
  • Weight – 9260g

4. Neptune NF-8.0 Hand 

Neptune NF-8.0 Hand

Neptune NF-8.0 Hand is another best invention in the sprayer category. This farming tool has all the qualities which help in challenging agriculture applications. As per name suggests, this sprayer is used by hand to remove pesticides and insecticides from the crops. As a result, high growth of crops and increased income. This Neptune Hand Sprayer is ideal for spraying in household purposes, nurseries or indoor plantation areas. The tank capacity of this sprayer is 8.0 Ltr which is quite large for farmers. The tank body of Neptune NF-8.0 Hand Sprayers is HDPE. Along with this, it is available at Rs.1199. 

Technical Specification

  • Capacity – 8.0 Ltr
  • Tank Body – HDPE

5. Neptune HTP Gold Plus 

Neptune HTP Gold Plus

Neptune HTP Gold Plus is one of the best sprayers manufactured with the best raw materials. The agricultural power sprayer has a robust construction and requires less maintenance. It is popular because of its high strength. The tank of this sprayer comes with an easy operating system that helps you to handle it. The power spray pump for agriculture has 3-5 hp power and comes with a large tank. This efficient machine has 20-45 kg/cm2 pressure. In the case of large areas, this machine can be your perfect choice. Along with all of these, it is available at Rs 5999. 

Technical Specification

  • Output – 40-50
  • Plunger – 3 x 30
  • Pressure (kg/cm2) – 20-45
  • Power (HP) – 3-5
  • Dimensions – 360 x 310 x 330

6. Neptune HTP Gold 

Neptune HTP GoldNeptune HTP Gold is the best and most selling agricultural sprayer machine in India. It comes in 3-5 power HP with 20-45 kg pressure weight/cm and 40-50 Ltr capacity. Neptune HTP Gold spray pump for agriculture is the most popular equipment used globally. It can perform multiple operations widely used in farming, horticulture, plantations, gardens, etc. This sprayer comes at a very reasonable price which starts from Rs. 5399.

Technical Specification

  • Output – 40-50
  • Plunger – 3 x 30
  • Pressure (kg/cm2) – 20-45
  • Power (HP) – 3-5
  • Dimensions – 360 x 310 x 330

7. Neptune HTP Silver 

Neptune HTP Silver

Neptune HTP Silver is one of India’s leading sprayer pump for agriculture. It comes in 1.5-2 power HP with 7.5 kg and 20-45 kg/cm2 pressure weights. It has a 14-22 Ltr capacity and 340 x 280 x 320 dimensions. The Neptune HTP Silver spray machine for agriculture is the most popular equipment used across the globe. It is ideal for spraying insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides in fields to protect the crop from pest attack. Along with many different tasks, its price is a very highlighted point which makes it more demanding in the market. Its price starts from Rs. 4599, which is very reasonable. 

Technical Specification

  • Output (Ltr/min) – 14-22
  • Plunger – 3 x 22
  • Pressure (kg/cm2) – 20-45
  • Power (HP) – 1.5-2
  • Dimensions – 340 x 280 x 320

8. Neptune Hariyali-08 Manual 

Neptune Hariyali-08 Manual also comes from the richest quality material built types of sprayers. The work is easy for farmers when they work with this agricultural power sprayer. Let’s know more about this sprayer. 

The gross weight of this agriculture spray machine is 4 Kg. It has 36 x 18 x 51.3cm of dimensions. If we talk about the price of this sprayer agriculture, it comes at a reasonable price, which is only Rs 1699 in India. Farmers can easily do their crop treatment tasks with this sprayer. That’s why every farmer wants this type of sprayer for spraying purposes.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity – 16 Ltr
  • Pressure – Brass Chamber
  • N.W.(kg) – 3
  • G.W (kg) – 4
  • Dimensions – 36 x 18 x 51.3cm

9. Neptune Hariyali-10 Manual 

Neptune Hariyali-10 Manual

Neptune Hariyali-10 Manual is different from the electric spray machine because it needs manual power to spray. Along with this, the price of a manual power sprayer is also less than the agriculture spray machine with a battery. Most marginal farmers use these types of sprayers in agriculture operations. This power sprayer is very reasonable so that every farmer can use it and the price is Rs 1899. Therefore, you can prefer it among spray pump used in agriculture to save your yield from different types of diseases. Moreover, the gross weight of this sprayer is 4 Kg. The dimensions are 35 x 18 x 51.3 cm. 

Technical Specification

  • Capacity 16 Ltr
  • Pressure – Brass Chamber
  • N.Weight – 3.5 kg
  • G.Weight – 4 kg
  • Dimensions 35 x 18 x 51.3 cm

10. Neptune Hariyali -12 Manual 

Neptune Hariyali -12 Manual

Neptune Hariyali -12 Manual is the richest quality spray pump for agriculture. With this, you can manually do crop treatment tasks. As we discussed earlier, the price of this type of sprayer is less than an agricultural electric sprayer pump. The price of this sprayer pump agriculture is Rs 1899 so that you can buy it without any burden to your pocket. There is no doubt that the electric power sprayer for agriculture can give you comfortable operations, but you do not also have to do too much hard work. Along with this, the dimensions of this agricultural power sprayer are 36 x 18 x 51.3 cm, and the gross weight is 4 Kg. 

Technical Specification

  • Capacity – 16 Ltr
  • Pressure – Brass Chamber
  • N.Weight – 3 kg
  • G.Weight – 4 kg
  • Dimensions – 36 x 18 x 51.3 cm

Highlighted Points for Power Sprayer Infographic

  • This Infographic is all regarding the top 10 Agricultural Power Sprayer Machines in India. 
  • The price, dimensions and GVW of the top 10 agricultural sprayers are shown in this infographic. 
  • The top 10 Power sprayers list has Neptune PBS-13 PLUS, Neptune Rocker, Neptune HTP Gold Plus, Neptune Hariyali-08 Manual and others. 

Infographic Here 

Top 10 Agricultural Power Sprayer Machines in India

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