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Tips to Choose the Best GPS System for Tractors

Tips to Choose the Best GPS System for Tractors

Modern technology has advanced by leaps & bounds. Almost no nook has remained untouched from the magical drops of technological innovation. Similar is the case with farming applications. Today’s tractors and other agricultural machines have advanced GPS guidance systems that help work more professionally & efficiently. There are various kinds of GPS receivers available in the market that you can purchase as per your budget & usage. The multiple advantages of these hi-tech systems are they not only enhance the working arena of farmers but also make their life convenient. Let’s have a look over few tips to choose the best GPS system for tractors:

  • Choose the antenna carefully: This is because antenna affects the quality & stability of GPS systems. Ideally, the antenna should support SBAS (QZSS, EGNOS, and WAAS) so as to get highest quality navigation.
  • Accuracy: There are basically 2 types of accuracy you can look for: Centimeter accuracy & sub-meter accuracy. Centimeter accuracy can be achieved with RTK systems while sub-meter accuracy can be between 10cm and 1m.
  • Easy Installation: You should choose the antenna that can be easily installed by yourselves within 15-20 minutes. Once the antenna is properly installed, it can be connected to any smart mobile device easily.
  • Geographical Connectivity: These systems come with varying rates of navigation distance as 1Hz, 5 Hz & 10 Hz. 10 Hz is suitable for automatic steering system.
  • Area & price: A reliable GPS system shouldn’t be more than 1500 Euro.

Depending upon your requirement, you can make a wise decision and enhance your productivity.

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