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The Latest Trends in Agriculture in India: The Innovations & Scenarios

The Latest Trends in Agriculture in India: The Innovations & Scenarios

Agriculture has been evolving since the age of prime humans. As fast-paced technology has overtaken the world by storm, the department of agriculture is too not left aside. In such scenarios, the startups, a.k.a. new businesses, are innovating and competing along the line to make the world a better place with the help of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, etc. In this blog, we will discuss the latest trends in agriculture in India along with starting up businesses leading innovation.

Furthermore, recent innovations have brought positive change to the livelihood in societies. This has happened not only in India but also around the world. Discussing this, we will move forward to recent innovations in the field.

What are some latest trends in agriculture in India?

Although many of the latest trends in Indian agriculture have brought positive changes in this world, we will only discuss a few trending of them in detail. Let’s dive in.

  • Increase in production of food grain

Due to the Green revolution in India, the production of food has significantly increased. This revolution began in 1967 under the leadership of Congressman Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. The aim was to increase food production in mainly three states in India, i.e. Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. The state of Punjab excelled in the implementation of the idea and is often called the bread basket of India.

And it was successfully achieved as new DNA-modified varieties of food grains was introduced. Thus, this trend has left its impact in terms of better-yielding varieties of food grains, drought-resistant varieties of crops, etc. This was and is the latest trend in agriculture in India. On a yearly basis, due to research and development, new crop varieties are introduce.

  • Diversification in agriculture

The diversification in agriculture was a much-needed change to improve soil fertility and quality while there was a rush for crop production. Diversification of agriculture usually consists of the growth of horticultural crops, vegetables, oils, nitrogen-fixation plants, etc. This is one of the latest trends in agriculture in India. This is a much-needed change as this latest technology trend also needs a label.

  • Horticulture and its output in the present scenarios

Due to India’s wide variety of soil conditions and textures, horticulture is constantly growing. According to reports, India is the second largest producer of vegetable crops and the largest producer of fruits in the world. This latest trend in agriculture in India is growing with the flow. Therefore constituting a large part of India’s GDP.

  • Floriculture and its increasing effect on the Indian economy

Floriculture is one of the latest trends in agriculture in India, with a contribution of INR 266 Billion. As the technology relating to agriculture is improving day by day, flower production, a.k.a. floriculture, is improving day by day. As per reports, in floriculture around 31000 hectares of land in southern states of India involved.

What are the recent innovations in the agricultural field in India?

There are many recent innovations that might drive you crazy (if you’re a farmer, of course). However, we have sorted some latest trends in agricultural technology in India. These technologies are changing the reality of agriculture in real time. Furthermore, these have the potential to change the future of agriculture.

In the below statistics, you get to know about the impact of the top 10 Agritech trends and innovations in 2022.

Agricultural trends and their impact (2022)

  • Internet of Things 

Latest Trends in Agriculture

Definition: The Internet of things is defined as the use of synched data on various platforms to exchange necessary information in real-time using the internet.

Conventional farming requires a large amount of labour and time to monitor crops. Hence, the Internet of things changes this whole scenario and makes it real-time by using the technology.

Let us tell you how. A large amount of information is collected by the use of sensors like soil humidity and temperature sensors, plant and livestock tracking sensors, etc.

These sensors provide real-time information to farmers on their mobile devices. Hence,  this latest technology is the latest trend in agriculture in India

  • Agricultural Robotics 

Latest Trends in Agriculture

Agricultural robotics is taking shape in Indian agriculture. Although the concept has been roaming for a long period of time. The businesses involved in the technology are making serious efforts now. This latest trend in technology is use for seeding, fruit picking, harvesting, planting and much more applications.

  • Artificial intelligence 

Latest Trends in Agriculture

Incorporating artificial intelligence in farming provides real-time data to farmers. Henceforth, this technology has only given the farmers the real-time information they need, like the weather data, crop yield and prices. This enables farmers to make informed decisions. Furthermore, with the help of this technology, timely correction and corrective response are possible.

  • Drones 

Latest Trends in Agriculture

Drones are mainly use to monitor crops, spray fertilizers and pesticides, etc. They are called unmanned aerial vehicles, and they are as per their definition. This latest trend in agriculture and agricultural technology is revolutionalizing the farming tech by reducing the amount of labour required to grow a crop.

The company below works on the same technology using its full potential.

Equinox’s Drones

This Indian startup focuses on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) surveillance of crops through modern technologies like ortho-mosaic maps, 3-D point clouds, contour maps, etc. The startup collects and processes images from crops and analyses them. This helps them determine the potential threat to the crops and the potential yield of the season.

This latest trend in agriculture technology is bringing vital change in rural and urban areas in India.

The bottom line

In this blog, we discussed the latest agriculture trends in India and the start-up businesses leading innovation. Also, we discussed the various aspects of the latest trending technologies in India. Furthermore, we, too, discussed some Indian startups involved in the same. What do you think?

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