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The History of John Deere Tractors

Tractors since their invention have aided the entire farming industry to its maxim. With time passing by and technologies improving the world has seen some fine upgradations in the industry, which can be majorly credited to John Deere.

The history of John Deere as a tractor and farm equipment manufacturer dates back to 1837, when John Deere was founded as a Tractor Manufacturing Company.

This blog is a documentation of history and development of John Deere Tractors in India and the World.

The beginning of John Deere occurred upon hearing the concerns of the general masses who were failing to produce in accordance with the needs of the general public. From the beginning itself, John Deere had an approach for delivering products and services which support the masses linked to farming and land sector. With these concerns increasing the need for a machine that could work better than the human body was felt. Owing to this need John Deere went on to bring their farming equipment and tractors.

John Deere in India has been supporting Indian Agriculture since 2000 and has been a great contributor of tractors in India.

Tracing down the history of John Deere Tractors in India:

  1. 2000

John Deere tractors in India were launched with the setting up of a production unit along with the pre-established tycoons Larsen & Toubro Ltd. in a rural area of Pune, Maharashtra since then the era of gearing up the process of mechanizing Indian agriculture began. It was then known as L&T John Deere Private Ltd, which manufactured tractors under the L&T – John Deere name for the matter of sales in India and under the name of John Deere for Worldwide Sales.


  1. 2005

As the time passed, John Deere tractors in India grew at an exponential rate and became one of the most appreciated tractors in India. In 2005, Deere & Company acquired the shares in this joint venture and went on to set up an independent enterprise namely, John Deere Equipment Private Limited. The factory then went on to produce tractors of various HP ranges such as 35, 38, 40, 42, 45, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 89 HP for the domestic and global markets.



John Deere, since the very beginning has upgraded their products owing to the needs of the public and farmers of Indian domain. John Deere Tractors in India have led to major developments in the field of agriculture. Tractorjunction.com celebrates the spirit of John Deere tractors in India and hereby brings to the maximum range of products from John Deere Tractors in India.

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