Top 10 Sonalika Tractors in India Price List

Top 10 Sonalika Tractors in India Price List

Top 10 Sonalika Tractors in India Price List

Since its inception in 1969, Sonalika group has amazed with its multi-faceted tractor models. Today, it’s among top 3 tractor brands in India with much diversified range & specifications. With the advent of internet, there are various online tractor showrooms where you can find different models of Sonalika tractors India.

Below is the top 10 Sonalika tractor price list in India

Sonalika DI 35 S3 MAH Special:

This Sonalika tractor Price is around 4.70 lacs, it has been tagged as a well-built model with optimal power & fuel efficiency. The hydraulic power steering & 1200 hydraulic capacity makes it suitable for all kinds of agricultural surfaces.

Sonalika Tractor DI 730 II:

The tractor price in India is around 4.30 lacs & comes with 2044 cc powerful engine, 30 HP power & 2 cylinders, making it extremely powerful for farm mechanization including works such as threshing, cultivation, sowing, haulage, etc.

Sonalika DI 60:

Being one of the most powerful & multi-purpose Sonalika tractor models, it has 60 hp power backed by 4 cylinders & 3700 cc engine. Latest power steering & oil-immersed brakes are great for hassle-free controlling. The tractor price is 6.5 lacs.

Sonalika WorldTrac 90 RX 2WD/4WD:

Amounting around 9.50-11.20 lacs & weighing 2495 kg, this powerful model is packed with 4087 cc engine, 80 liters fuel capacity & 2350 mm wheel base dimensions. With a huge power of 90 HP, it is ideal for rotation, cultivation, threshing, spraying, sowing, etc.


Sonalika DI 35 S3 potato special tractor (4,70,000/-), as the name suggests, find its place in performing small land operations for crops such as potato, sugarcane, maze, soyabean, etc. It has 2780 cc engine & 3 cylinders.

Sonalika DI-35 S3 Tractor:

This model amounting 4.70 lacs has 39 hp tractor & 3 cylinder diesels with superior fuel efficiency. It has 1200 hydraulic lift capacity & demands less maintenance. With dry disc brakes & optimum power, it has good wheelbase & ground clearance.

Sonalika DI 750 III RX:

This new range of Sonalika model has been specifically designed to cater to your high power, speed & mileage needs. It has above 50 hp category & comes with a lifting capacity of 2,000 and 4 cylinders. Priced around 6.50 lacs.

Sonalika GT 22 RX Tractor:

Sonalika Gardentrac 22 Rx is a hi-tech model costing around 3.42 lacs and has power steering & sensitive hydraulic control. It has various automated features & can be used for tough farm operations on rugged surfaces. It is especially used for farming of orchards & row crops.

Sonalika BAAGBAN DI 30 Tractor:

Priced around 4.30 lac, DI 30 BAAGBAN is a compact model designed for inter-culture operations. It has high power & backup torque that makes it an all-purpose machine for haulage, orchards farming and general usage.

Sonalika WorldTRAC 60 RX:

The model is priced near about 6.60 lacs as per Sonalika official website and is loaded with top gears, 2500 kg lifting capacity, high power & minimum RPM drop in all farm conditions. Additionally, it has synchromesh transmission & planetary reduction.

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