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Find the Specifications of the Best Range of Models Including Mahindra 595 DI

Find the Specifications of the Best Range of Models Including Mahindra 595 DI

Below mentioned is a list of different Mahindra India tractors with varying power, fuel capacity and suitability including Mahindra 595 di tractor price list:

Mahindra 595 DI:

Mahindra 595 DI is a 50 HP tractor and is suitable for the farms having medium area. With an engine of 2100 rpm, it offers maximum power and better life. It has 2523 cc capacity and 4 cylinders. Plus, the transmission facilities of this model are extremely smooth and have a gearbox with 8F and 2R gears. With heavy hydraulics, it is ideal for heavy implements like gyrovator, cultivator, etc. It is ergonomically designed with comfortable seating and is suitable for long farming operations. It has super diameter wheel and easy reach levelers. Few other specifications of Mahindra 595 new model are dry air cleaners, 4 cylinders, 2523 cc capacity & 49 liters of fuel tank capacity. Mahindra tractor 595 super turbo price is around 6.40 lacs.

Mahindra 595 turbo specifications are genuine and have been taken from the most authentic sources.

Mahindra 585 DI power plus:

Mahindra 585 DI power plus is a 50 HP tractor that can handle most of the difficult tasks hassle-free. It is designed to handle all kinds of agricultural applications. It can handle a variety of agricultural implements like potato planter, reaper, leveler, potato digger & rotavator. It is available in both Bhoomiputra & Sarpanch for better flexibility as per your requirements. Mahindra tractor 50 HP price is 6.20 lacs.

Mahindra 575 DI:

Mahindra 575 DI (Priced in a range of 5-6 lacs) is a 45 HP tractor with high fuel efficiency, 1900 rpm & partial constant mesh transmission. Plus, it has got many new features like multi oil  immersed disc brakes, comfort and bow type front axle, that ease frequent movement of tyres on all kinds of surfaces. Latest power steering makes the drive more comfortable.

Mahindra tractor 295 turbo:

Mahindra 295 DI is a powerful tractor with 39 HP power and does all kinds of agricultural tasks with ease. Designed to drive different implements like cultivator, rotovator and plough, it has a turbo engine with 142 NM torque. It is one of the most popular tractor models that have 3 cylinders, 2048 cc engine running at the rate of 2100 rpm.

Mahindra 295 DI (Price range of 5 lacs) has a wide range of features like power steering, 1200 kg lifting capacity, single clutch heavy duty diaphragm type and oil brakes.

These Mahindra models are not only aesthetically appealing but fully functional.

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