John Deere Tractors 2019 Price List

Top 5 John Deere Tractor Models in India

John Deere, a top tractor brand manufactures one-of-a-kind tractor models high in performance and capability. John Deere 3E series is capable of handling basic agricultural chores without compromise. These models have up to 38 horsepower, standardized machinery, twin touch pedal controls, 13 point hitch and hydrostatic transmission. Here, you can find complete details of John Deere tractor models with their price list, specifications, hydraulic system, overview, etc. Check all information below:

John Deere 5050E: John Deere 5050E is a tractor designed for multiple agricultural usage. It runs with 50 HP and has 3 cylinders. With an rpm of 2400 rpm, it has a 1800 kg lifting capacity and 68 liters fuel tank capacity. The price of John Deere 5050E tractor is around 7 lacs.

John Deere 5038D Utility Tractor: John Deere 5038D is a compact utility tractor with 4-stroke diesel engine, hassle-free 4-wheel drive, 38 HP range and has 60 liters of fuel capacity. It has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg and runs at lower links ends. Its price is around 6,41,000/-.

John Deere 5039C: John Deere 5039C has 39 HP range and 4-stroke diesel engine. It runs with 2100 rpm, has 45 liters fuel tank capacity and 1800 kg lifting capacity. It is suitable for haulage, spraying, cultivation, rotovation, etc. Enjoy smooth 4-wheel drive! The price of John Deere 5039C is 6,43,000/-

John Deere 5045D: John Deere runs with a 3-cylinder engine, 4-wheel drive and 60 liters fuel tank capacity. With a lifting capacity of 1400 kg, it runs with 2100 rpm.

 John Deere 4720 Compact Utility Tractor: John Deere 4720 compact utility tractor offers comfy 4-wheel drive, 3-cylinder engine & 59 liters of fuel tank capacity. With a lifting capacity of 2400 kg, it falls under 66 HP range and runs with 2400 rpm. The price of John Deere 4720 is around $34,000.

John Deere 2850: John Deere is a 39 HP tractor with turbocharged diesel engine. It offers 2-wheel/4-wheel drive, 3630 kg lifting capacity and 135 liters of fuel tank capacity. It has an rpm of 2300.

John Deere 5055E: John Deere 5055E has 3-cylinders, 2WD, turbocharged engine and 1800 kg lifting capacity. It comes under 55 HP range and has 68 liters of fuel tank capacity.

John Deere 5041C: John Deere 5041C has 1000 kg lifting capacity, 3 cylinders and runs at 2100 rpm. It has 41 hp range and 45 liters fuel tank capacity.

The price of John Deere 5041C is around 3 lacs.

With this authentic price list and specifications, you can make a well-informed buying decision to enhance your farm productivity.

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